🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

Don’t know if I missed it…but could someone describe what Rafaelle looks like?

Thanx :hugs:

Think Icy blue muscular man with eyes the color of Turquoise. And Gauntlets made of ice.

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Ah, now that sounds nice. I’d been picturing a stout fellow in a cowl, a sort of non-pervy Friar Tuck.

Honestly, he looks like the guy who plays on the flash if he had longer chin hair. He isn’t buff, but he isn’t scrawny. He has a runner/swimmer’s build and his eyes are blue, almost glowing. He’s the twin brother of Clarissa, the purple HoTM before him.

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From everything I’ve read here, Rafaelle doesn’t sound too promising. Which is a bummer. However, we’ve got to consider that when Vela came out everyone complained until Telluria arrived. Now she’s being used in top 100 teams. Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised. :wink:

No, everyone/majority hold bunch of EHT in december very heavy patiently because of Grimble and do bunch of pull in January, here is the thread:
:partying_face: The New Year Summons Countdown Thread!

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Correct, me included and I got the Vela I wanted.

Not really interested in Raffaele but I have to summon in Guardian of Teltoc if I want Jackal/Falcon/Panther so might ended up with him…


I dont have Ariel so I will pull for him. Cant keep relying on Kiril as my blue healer

You Will soon rely on Kiril cause soon he will have his Costume and become fast healer rather than throw your Telescope to this trash lol :laughing::joy:


Pro: massive defense. And if he is down to 1%, he heals back up to 50% and gets a strong regenerate, so he will be almost back to full LP after 4 rounds.

How is the “back to 50%” calculated?
Is it:

  1. He is down to 23%, so he heals 27% PLUS healbonuses?
  2. He just heals exactly to 50%.

Only Problem is that he seems to be like a slow ariel. She, if fired once, is almost a fast 40% healer and cleanser.

Raffaele in this version is difficult, when your team stays with about 50% health.
In this case he is just a slow regenerating cleanser… thats poor.

Just an idea (like my post if you see it the same way):

  • Change the heal up to 50% into:
    Heals 18%. If the hero has less than 50% life remaining, heals 36%

Taking in account that he also regenerates powerful (2 times more than tellu), this healamount seem to be okay (20 and 40% would be a bit too much IMO) for a slow healer.
He would still be able to use for “over 50%” heroes.
(Always remember: telluria does a 18% minion what can be seen als 18% heal, with middle mana, plus 2 other effects)

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Atomos and Margaret are so excited to have a new friend, so they all can cry in a corner about how utterly useless they are.


My idea in beta was to have counter attack added onto his special for the purpose that it would fit nicely on him.

With counter attack it would be hard to deal with him unless you did so quickly because bring health up to 50% with HoT means the enemy runs the risk of killing themselves if he isnt killed fast. That, and he cleanses making his utility that much stronger so DoT is weaker.

I wish my idea was taken up, but so far it hasn’t.


Horrible hero, even if it was average mana it would still be horrible

With average mana he can be a good off-color cleanser for Telly matches.

Has he been edited yet or is he still the same version he was before?

Raffaele hasn’t been in Beta for almost a month, so there are no updates since his last testing.

Dang. How unfortunate (imo).

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After I get nothing from Grimforest, I’ll need to apologize to Thorne for waiting so long.

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So from first to second iteration, there has been done a complete re-do of his concept. And while the new concept does not work at all, the fact that the devs are willing to go in another direction gives hope to this hero (for now).

Raffaele’s new concept does not work for a number of reasons:

So he is a Slow hero with Tank stats: 803def/1402hp, here below are some other heroes that are mostly used as tanks for comparasion:

Queen of H. 730/1545
Grazul 817/1405
Aegir 805/1446
C.Richard 862/1361
Heimdall 836/1402
M.North 819/1462
OPlluria 832/1425
Yunan 815/1437
C.Horgall 694/1669
Boss Wolf 826/1524
Kunchen 815/1437
Guardian Owl 795/1483
Guin 778/1347
Justice 775/1425

Looks to be average. Now the whole drawback of having a slow ult is, theoretically, compensated by the possibility to be a tank. And with his “Anyone that is below 50% hp gets top to 50% hp” ability, he can survive for a long time. A pretty good synergie, on paper.
Green stacks against him that arent able to combo 8+tiles will end up with a tank back to 50% hp and an aoe heal/cleanse. Now while this can look impressive, unfortunatly it’s not because:

1_Stacking green does not only gives you the opportunity to bust the tank but most green counters him on their own (with the dispel ability). So an attacker is not going out of his/her way to prepare for him in any particular way. Just bring 3 greens, one of them will most likely have a dispel already.

2_ Why even bother to stack green against him?. Raffaele’s main selling factor, for this iteration, is survivality. He will outlive all of your other heroes and be the last one to die, for sure. Because he is no threat, nobody is afraid of a passive ult like his. If Raffaele’s does 3 ults before I start doing mine, I dont care, 3 cleanses and some healing that will negate my previous tile dmg. No punishment factor, I can relax charge 2/3 ults from my heavy hitters and pick 1 non Raffaele hero at a time.

A tank’s job is to buy enough time for his/her team to start doing stuff, his second job is to be the first one on the team to die. He doesnt do the second part at all, because he will be ignored as he is not a threat and he barely helps on the first one (with his heals and cleanses, which btw the best he will clean is probably a hex effect from a sorcer or a bleed).
Sure some VF hero will do a dot on your team, and he will cleanse it but that is not really usefull. Because anyobdy that uses a VF ult, before a cleanse is for 2 reasons only: they already have a gem matchup to bring back the VF ult to 100% mana or there is a big possibility of killing something with it, before the cleanse comes one turn later.

3_Cleanse is a wonderful ability as long as it’s not on a SLOW/VS hero. The whole point of cleanse is to mitigate harfull effects, if you can’t afford to do it fast what’s the point in blocking the last 1/3 or 1/4 of the damage?. By that point is just a consolation prize ability and instead of an useful one.

Well, that’s for defense. On attack his elemental link can shine as ppl will be stacking 3+ blue heroes. But then the Defense against Special skills formula has some weird math behind. So if it says that 30% of a 900dmg attack is not 270blocked dmg. Is like 150 blocked dmg, so you may as well read this as:

And same issue as the Cleanse ability, it’s utility gets wasted on a Slow hero. By the time you have it ready to use, you are bound to have taken some ults from the enemy. So by that point, you are most likely slowing down the bleeding not preventing it.

I personaly, wouldn’t mind having the hero the same as it’s now but with an extra ability that brings down his ult speed by 1 “rank” every time he cast his ult that can not be dispelled (but it can be removed). So, he starts with SLOW after using his ult once he goes to AVERAGE speed. After doing it twice, he goes to FAST speed, and after the third one he stays at VF.
Now we have a very passive tank, that can still feel like a threat if I dont kill him fast. Which bring us back to our 2 point of “Being a good tank” (aka, dying first). He may not be the first one to die, as that spot is usually reserved for the most dangerous hero but he may end up being the second one to die. As having a VF cleanse, aoe healer that will bring ppl to 50% seems to be really annoying.


Juste make him a 5* star Kiril with a cleanse and a hot instead of the direct heal at average speed and it would be okay.

Don’t bother with the useless +50% Hp mecanichs if <50% no body cares about.