🧪 Early Information on the June 2020 HOTM (Raffaele)

so… now he’s like a slow rigard that heals a little bit more?

Not sure I’d break my piggy bank for him.


Great… sturdy slow cleanser blue is good option. He is more sturdy then Vivica, so I feel this hero is functionally great support for ofense.

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I liked him as a 5* Kiril. Now? Not interested.


that’s too bad- doubt I will get this dude but his healing increase buff was going to be useful for the buff booster tournaments. plenty of cleansers already

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He just another version of regular Vivica. A decent 5* but not worthy for HotM level.

I don’t understand how this change benefits Rafaelle. :thinking: I don’t think he was OP before.

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I dont get this hero. He just get worse and worse. His skill could be:
Heal all allies 42%
612 heal over four turns for all allies
+30% attack all allies
+30% defense all allies

Mana speed: slow

This way he’d very good and worth the scopes


He’d also just be Kiril.

But that is the point. He would be a 5* version of Kiril. Also he heals more (Kiril 28% and Rafaelle 42%) + 612 heal over four turns


super kiril is a worthy hero

maybe the artwork would need to be redone as kiril borrowing friar tuck’s beer


True, but one kind of hopes for a HOTM to be more than just a glorified 4* (to be fair, there are worse 4* to glorify than Kiril). Although I suppose it does answer the complaints about Neith and others that they do too many things poorly. I wonder whether they had a brilliant idea for a special but then thought it was a bit too brilliant, or just weird, and pulled back on it.

They legitimately could have straight up just added the cleanse without removing the heal boost and he wouldn’t be too strong. And a dispel… And a spirit link.

I stand by my assessment from beta…


I would like dispel and heal boost instead of cleanse.

With the level of DoT out there now and coming in the future, I feel like a cleanser is more inviting. I just wish they wouldn’t have attached it to a slow hero, but hey.

Maybe cleanse and dispel at once.


I was actually thinking that too.

I want the 5* Kiril back, with or without the cleanse or debuff, slow mana fine, can even make him heal less(like remove the back to 50% part only keep the HoT or just make him heal something like 42% that’s it), but add +30% atk and def.


Seems like they are trying to make him outheal the inevitable GM, Clarissa, Vela defense that punishes every color but blue. Still think Ariel is better

If the design would be to turn him into a great counter against status effects while not following Aeron or Grazul style we could make him cleanse the team every time his own health would reach 100% over his heal over time duration or to make allies taking reduced damage from DoT.

He would increase the need of dispellers and heroes who block/lower healing to fight him and he would still be able to resist them as monk tough.

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Let’s get back to my vote back here. Lol

He is becoming worst. :joy:

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