🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

Does that Mana gain happen before or after Bera Mana drop?

Strangely…. after. I’ve had Yang Mai’s link fill my bar after Bera or Freya reduced it.

I think that should be correct since Bera’s cut is the last thing that happens in the turn where she’s killed.
The mana gain is at the beginning of the next turn.

Edit : Looks like the mana gain is always the last action of a turn, even after the cut


I think you could compare her a little to Seshat since she dispels 3 & only makes a minion for herself. Of course that’s where the similarities end. Looks like a fun hero. Should be some really healthy minions lol.

I have a question. Sorry if its been asked. Does Devana herself do the dispelling or her minion?

Unless the card is stated, She does the dispelling. And with her out now, I think this thread can be closed and move all future conversations about her to the Initial Release thread

The Hero itself does the dispell.

And another one from my last 3 costume summons…

Man I wish every month was like this. It’s daft.

34 summons total today (spent £6 on 2 costume deals and had 24 EHT saved for full disclosure) and I’ve had 5 5* total from it…4 of which are new to me and 1 is of course Devana 2.

No clue if I’d keep 2 Devana but considering this was a cheap spend month I’m going to take it.

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