🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

Devana innate resistance #2: Resist Minion Effects


Damn, felt I missed something :grinning:


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… and of course Gullinbursti

I think people sometimes forget the piggy is only 4*, he’s that good!

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I’d rather say he is never used cause slow and awful defence stats so not really usable outside of rush attack

Maybe for you. I use piggy a lot and know of many who use everyday, most times.


Devana only summons the minion to herself, not to everyone

Yeah the colors are weirdly imbalanced like that and it boggles my mind too. Yellow has almost no dispellers except cViv (and soon Devana) and no defense droppers except cViv and White Rabbit, both heavily paywalled of course. But then yellow would’ve had a monopoly on blind if not for pesky Moreau.

Purple OTOH is overflowing with dispellers it’s ridiculous, there’s Sabina, Ametrine, Domitia, Panther, Seshat, Kage, and Onyx for a total of 7!!!

Green too is close behind with Melendor, Caedmon, Evelyn, Zeline, Fogg, with Chameleon and Hatter acting as “non-traditional dispellers” if you will but the end result being the same. So green also has 7 dispellers just like purple to red’s 0. What the heck. :man_shrugging:

Then as you noted the ailment blockers are concentrated in red with Aeron as the only non-red 5* option (and only to 3), and Gazelle as a non-traditional one but achieving the same effect.

While we’re on it, red has no healing cleansers either (except Shale, but really who uses that clown ninja?). Yes we have Kong, Zimkitha, and Lady Loki for cleansing, but none of them heal (except for Zimmie’s elemental link I suppose). Blue has Ariel, Raffele, and Rumpelstiltskin (sorta), green has Toxicandra, yellow has Viv and now Director Zuri, and purple has Aeron, Rigard, and Kunchen. So once again red has no representative in another category. :confused:

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And then you have blue where basically the entire color overlaps in defense dropping - Athena, C.Magni, Isarnia, Rumple, C.Kiril, Grimm, Zila, Frank, soon to be Morel

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Yellow has also Lidenbrock in healing Cleanser. That said it seems that there is a buff/debuff theme by elements. Blind for yellows, element block and burn for red, defense down for blue …

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I for one can’t wait for this hotm. I’m weak in yellow, and she feels like a comparison to seshat. Dispel… minions… decent damage… I’d be so happy to pull her.


I haven’t written anywhere that she gives minions to all allies…

Seems like a better bera counter then uraeus although he does pretty well

i find myself complaining about this sort of thing sometimes too, but otoh, if every element had easy access to every variety of special skill in the game, it would take away from the trade-offs that make up every strategy game ever made.

of course, the longer this game goes, the more chances there are that they’ll release a hero that fills the gaps like red dispeller. since HotM is usually much easier to get than costumes or challenge event heroes, Devana will work nicely for a lot of players who need or want a yellow dispeller (and aren’t inclined to use C. Vivica, if they even have her).

I think she´s in the same level of Frida and Evelyn, summoning quality minions instead of elemental DEF down, which is OK. She also has more innate abilities. A very good and widely usable HOTM just like they should be.

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for me, she is a must have. she would perfectly fit into my roster… wish me luck


good luck!!! fingers crossed.

I’ll be leveling her above any other yellow with this meta. This is what Noor should have been.

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surely a must have!!! cant wait for this…i just think she is the first all in one HOTM ever issued since telluria…


OMG, don’t say that!!! You know what happens next.

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