🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

she either need to dispell all or a higher dmg %

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I think she’s fine, practical and not too OP. Against a doubles team there’s no difference at all

Why ? In order to make a new OP HOTM ? She doesn’t need to be buffed.

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at avg speed she wouldnt be OP if she dispells all or deals 280% to 3
She has a buffy minion yes but in current beta a single minion is more like an handicap with so many minion counters

you think she would be OP just with a dispell all ? have you ever played with S4 heroes ?
my elizabeth is OP, not devana

with a little buff she would be a good hotm but definitly not OP

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I don’t think this is true. People generally don’t bring minion counters against teams with 1 single minion summoner as it is a partial waste of that power. On the flip side, you have a partial minion counter of your own that will either deter minion summoners or eles mitigate their effects.

I think she is laready balanced at the upper end of what a HOTM should be and should not be made more powerful. She is already a good HOTM.

And my personal opinion only is that stats aside, most of the S3 heroes have better specials than the S4 heroes seen so far. I think Elizabeth is a good hero but hardly close to OP


I own several S4 heroes, and none of them seems OP for me. They are strong indeed, but not OP. I don’t know why so many people see Elizabeth as a over powered hero. She’s average, with a new nasty mechanism, but she is easily countered with a healer. My Lidenbrock makes a feast of her.

Actually, we don’t need more powerful heroes. We need more balanced ones, and in my opinion, this is already the case with Devana as she currently is.


I mean if you have to use another S4 5* to counter Elizabeth. :man_shrugging:

But yes I agree, Elizabeth is not OP at all since the mana slow is cast by Elizabeth and NOT the fiends (the card really needs updating to reflect this). If you have Grazul/Garnet/Vanda or even Aeron’s ailment block up, the mana slow is resisted and never procs unless Elizabeth fires again.

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Yes, it was an awkwardness from me (you know, new toy, etc…). I would say that a simple healer or ailment blocker can do the stuff. If you have Grazul, Vanda, Garnet, or just Raffaele, Vivica or Delilah, you can wipe out her fiends quite easily.

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People keep saying this. Those are all ultra-rare heroes! I certainly don’t have an ailment blocker. I don’t have a taunter either (other than shrubbear). Most don’t have those heroes. Still, Elizabeth is NOT OP…some heroes are, she isn’t. Her speed balances her IMO.


I think beyond the ailment her fiends themselves are a pain. Other specials cause negative healing but they can be cleansed. The fiends can only be pushed out by minions. Otherwise yes they can be taken away by a healer, but the cost is paid. The otherwise heal that the heroes would’ve received are absorbed by the fiend. Some people think “yay the fiend is gone” but many forget that a portion of their heal didn’t go to the hero themselves.


Summon minions for all allies or just herself?

She summons minions for just herself.


I think a lot of people like myself did not realise this (some what disappointing). Was really looking forward to pair her with Frosth (if i pulled her) will still be a good addition to my team though.

She’s an extremely rare example of a yellow dispeller, only the second after cViv I believe. cViv is slow and harder to get, Devana is average so can be made functionally fast, and her elemental link is probably one of the best if running a yellow stack. She is definitely worthy of darts in my mind.


that is the main reason i want her that and she hits 3, minion and mana boost is just a huge bonus.

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I agree, and Ranger is cheap emblem, only +8 node and we can use mana troop lvl17.
A solid HOTM at least.

I wonder why they make yellow so weak.

Important skills like dispel (c.viv, devana) and armour down (c.viv, white rabbit) and 4* healer (prev only woolerton, now d’andre) and only available in rare yellow 5* heroes.

These skills are easily available in other colours (except red has no dispel)

And red to this day does not have a single dispeller, whereas purple and green are overflowing with them. OTOH green used to have almost no defense down hero except Buddy until Frigg came out, and now there’s finally Marcel from Starfall as well.

Why is it like this? I don’t know, but I have to imagine this is by design, but for what reason again I don’t know.

On the other hand, red is overflowing with ailment blockers with grazul, garnet, Vanda and the new Emilio. But I agree that red needs at least one representative for a dispeller

While personally will want Devana for sure, I read many celebrating Devana to be Bera counter with minion kill & mana boost.

Firstly Bera is fast against an average Devana, so in most cases Bera would have fired first & infected Devana who then can’t receive a minion & hence minion damage / play might be stalled.
I am missing something?

Devana is a good hero for overall gameplay with the hit3, minion fire-power & the best = mana boost, which has made me collect these recent HOTMs for their same colour heroes use.

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