🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

Color doesn’t matter for specials… or defense swipes.

I think we need more clarity on what you meant!

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Sorry I have tried it again, maybe I remembered incorrectly or some attack down debuff was on a sniper and maybe that sniper was not emblemed that much when I saw this earlier.
Devana’s minions max HP is above 570 without any further boosting. (I have only lvl 13 troops to test with).

So as Joon deals about 1000-1100 damage we need two minions to survive this.

Then, I am correcting myself. It can survive several AOE attackers who usually deals about 4-500 damage.

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Still, a 570 hp minion without any additional buffs is… sturdy.

Want. So much. And July is so far away.

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The maximum with 4 star mana troops is 569, and if my calculations are correct then about 614 with maxed level normal 4 star troops.

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this is really like all in one 5star HOTM since telluria…will skip the june HOTM and all in gems for this one…

Don’t get all excited people, there is still plenty of time till July and possible nerfs that SG loves so much. -.-


True. Remember Yang mai’s drop to 50% for add hits in release…

I remember that I didn’t think Devana would be a great hero. She summons one minion only for her not for all allies. And I thought if she has another skills such as dispel or cleansing, she will be much more useful. Today I found out that she “dispells buff from the target and nearby enemy.” WOW. I think I’d like to get her. Was this 4th skill, dispelling added to her recently? Did she have this skill originally? Why did I miss it? …

The green and red indicate changes. So everything has been there with a minor tweak to damage.

I wonder how many people would be disappointed when they find out on July that she only summons 1 minion for herself

Not many, since her minion is among strongest in game and she does alot besides :slight_smile:

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I feel that many are assuming she summons minions for all, which is why Noor is the go to comparison and that’s so wrong in this case. She kind of feels like a yellow domitia in a way


Good comparison to some extent, never thought of it :slight_smile:

She may summon a minion for herself, but the biggest thing Devana has going for her, is the debuff, which is huge for a 5* yellow

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I’d say there would be quite a few calls for an immediate buff. This is the forum, after all


Devana is probably on the level of Frida, Glenda Athena, in my opinion… Making her a yellow dispeller adds some price as well :slight_smile:

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She seems good, but not that good lol

She will be the first Yellow Dispel Heroes (well maybe the 2nd after C.Vivica)

Which is good. We are lack of Yellow Dispel Heroes.


Prof. Lidenbrock Dispels too.

she cleanses, not dispels.


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