🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

What do u think about her minion + frosth buff?

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Can’t wait to pair them. I’ll keep all my summons for July as I really love the minion teams and the only one who summons minions (that I have) is Frosth. I think her HP might get up to 800 with Frosth, which is amazing for map / events.

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@Rduke77 : Lol, you reminded me about the same situation…
Alice stuck at 3/70 with new arrivals taking precedence…
mainly bcoz she is a hit one
newbies deal more pain : LoLo, Finley, Skadi… so its a 5-6 month wait for Alice… :sweat_smile:

Question: Is that resistance working on war equalizer too?

I don’t think so equalizer remove everything even things that cannot be cleansed like skadi stacks.

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I agree with @Grajek
Most likely no, but this wasn’t testable in last Beta build.

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I dont think so, technically the equalizer is not a dispell

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Okay thanks for the replies guys. Hope it’ll be able to be tested in beta, it would be interesting to have an immune hero to that haha. Yes, remove everything but that’s the first hero to have that kind of resistance… Well as I’m writing I remember c-Belith and Brynhild offer such kind of protection too… They’ll probably lost their bonuses too… although I’ve never been in position to test it…

Margaret also has this resist AFAIK.

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o yeah? didn’t know that. Thanks

Unfortunately wars are not in Beta so we don’t get to test that stuff.

BUT I personally think that YES Devana will resist War Equalizer but I’m not sure… :man_shrugging:
I can see the logic to the counter tho that the equalizer REMOVES everything rather than DISPELLS.

If someone has Margaret & tests with her, its the same passive ability.


Hi everyone, this is a great discussion, and admittedly, I didn’t read every single post here. However, a couple of things from what I did read: I agree that average mana seems like a drawback, and yellow has a lot of this. However, lots of people have invested lots in Bera and/or Freya, and giving Devana fast mana wouldn’t just make her a counter, it would make her a trump. Second, yellow is my weakest color, and for the most part, is considered weakest in war/raid meta (although I do think every color has value and synergy that outweigh the ‘best of builds’ theory). One really great thing about Devana is yellow 5* that dispels buffs! Vivica’s costume is the only other one I think, and this could be a good argument in and of itself. Devana seems to fit the utility category, and is also a hitter, so likely A- type (same category as Ruben) overall grade. So my thinking is with defensive stats (especially including the lynx) that she might actually be a hero worthy of any defense team position. Third thing, yes cleanse war will still remove her buffs (since the cleanse doesn’t dispel; I have gone against plenty of Margaret’s in cleanse wars, and her buffs don’t stick). And finally, I totally agree that the game-makers (devs) seem to be packing a lot of little things into the newer heroes. It’s not just Devana, but a definite trend towards ‘skill-loading’. I think this is mostly a non-sustainable trend, but it’s probably a combination of easing 3*‘s with previously 5*-exclusive skill abilities into the mix and making a variety of skills more available to more people without completely devaluing the long-term players’ benches. My 2-cents.

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Nothing like finally pulling Freya and SG gives hotm counter to everyone :woman_facepalming:t2:

Got Frosth last month, will save all i get for this bad girl, definitely one to pair with Frosth

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Noor is better minion counter. She automatically summon minion when enemies summon minion and when she cast her skill, all allies get a minion. Devana only summon 1 minion for herself.

Overall, Devana is better as she can dispel, attack, and resist Bera.


Can you imagine Freya, frosth and devana together? That minion of hers will be a wall

I love how Noor became a benchmark to all future minion spawners with the statement ‘this is what Noor should have been in the first place’

Based on Beta experience an emblemed Devena’s single minion can survive a direct hit from a non-dark Sniper without the help of Frosth boost.

That sounds off. A sniper on dedense should be taking more than 35% health from a hero they hit. How much damage was being done?

Really? Like @Homaclese said, a 35% minion can survive a sniper attack? Even with frosth’s help, I doubt that minion can survive

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