🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

Did you include all relevant information in your post? It seems you may not be good at thoroughness. I also don’t compare 4* to 5* just like I don’t compare apples to rabbits. Lastly, lol means ‘laugh out loud’ for future reference.

@nonareeves There is some cross over between C Gormek and this HOTM, and there is no reason that 4s and 5s can’t be compared. But if you do do so, you need to look at all aspects.

  1. Minion killing - C Gormek is superior
  2. Healing from minion killing - C Gormek is superior
  3. Stats - HOTM superior in all
  4. Durability - HOTM superior especially with additional undispellable minion
  5. Color - depends on which color you need a boost in
  6. Color stacking - HOTM is amazing because that elemental link is amazing
  7. Damage delaing - HOTM is superior even though it is to 3 only the damage output at the attack strenghh will make more of an impact
  8. Utility - that dispel is super useful so HOTM is superior
  9. Speed - C Gormek is superior unless you get HOTM down to 9 tiles, in which case it is even
  10. Ongoing DOT - HOTM is superior as that minion gives a (small) ongoing DOT
  11. Minion mitigation - HOTM is superior as that minion stops an enemy minion wave from overwhelming you on an ongoing basis

C Gormek is a dedicated minion killer and is better at that, but the HOTM is overall a (much) better hero. It is however the choice of the individual whether they want to try to get the HOTM or not. Persoinally I would love each of the current batch of HOTMs that give the mana boost


imho the wrong class. Neith is Ranger, Bai is Ranger, she sounds more as a barbarian or a fighter

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She is in ranger class , if I got her (if my luck good ) then I hv lianna Baulder and this , oh no

She luckily does not need that many emblems (if any) to still be effective.

Attack is not really her asset, and the minion provides the durability she may need. Of course if she gets emblems it’s better, but she’s not useless without them, like a sniper or tank.

Not like she’s defense team material either.


Myyyy goodness she sounds fantastic? :heart_eyes:

I am going to definitely keep some darts to ascend her ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Homaclese : Devana seems a superb hero. Almost bordering on being OP despite Average speed.

Taunt heroes : BK, Krampus, QoH suddenly don’t seem so powerful to have in roster… seeing so many “Dispellers” coming out…

Meta is being changed… BiG TimE !! :sweat_smile:

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The taunt heroes really require TWO dispels…the first one they absorb. You need the second to dispel the teammates. That’s partially why they are so good.

You can use an hit all attack down hero instead of a second debuff as an alternative;)

True…but that’s pretty rare, no? Vela, C Quintus, Richard (hit 3, but a waste of mats to ascend)…who are the others?

Edit: Horghall (also a waste to ascend) and Santa (rare) too.

Zeline as well. She even has a dispel too… but not in the right order to be a single shot answer for the taunting.

Plus 4s like Buddy, Scarlett, etc.

And there’s the new heroes too.

Personally I’m overrun with attack down heroes.

Zeline = another rare one.
I personally don’t have a single 5* attack down hero (other than Richard and Horghall, who will remain at 3/70 forever). There really isn’t that many of them.

I have every one mentioned except costume Quintus. Plus Alice. They’re a significant percentage of my 5s as a whole… so my viewpoint is skewed!

I do actually have Alice…forgot about her. But she’s stuck at 3:70 since I’m out of scopes and the next set is going to a Skadi.

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Did anyone say Kingston? Luffs my Kingston.

Kingston and Alice are both single target, so not really a solution for the original “you need two dispellers or one and attack down”.

Which, getting back to the topic, this hero is still great at fulfilling in part. But I’ll take even a single dispel to counter a taunt. Being able to target the others is the most important thing to me.

Kingston attack down for 3.

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Against BK → cKiril/vela
Against Krampus → kingston/zeline or melandor cause you don’t really need to debuff you just kill him with tiles

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should reduce her minions stats and summon for nearby allies also instea of only 1 very buffy minion for herself



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