🧪 Early information on the July 2021 HOTM -- Devana

I was hesitant to complain about Noor before, but this is how she should be. Average + massive attack + dispell instead of slow minion to all?!

As much as I vote for a change to average for Noor, I want to applaud SG for the balance of this new hero. Very nice!


All heroes are nice, also Noor and she’s is maybe getting a nerf

It actually doesn’t say. I’m keen to know this as well. Normal wording from S&G is “for caster” or “for all allies”. This lacks both. So it would be nice to know if it’s everyone or just the caster, because those Beefy minions would be awesome with Freya and or Frosth.

Another decent HOTM. Not too strong, not too weak. Not necessarily a must have hero. But her being a dispellers is going to be highly valued, not to mention removing minions from target. At +8 opting for the mana bonus node, this hero can fire her skills in 9 tiles if supported by at least a level 17 mana troop. With a wonderful Element Link, monousers would love to have this one for their other average and slow holies.

@Guvnor, again, thanks for sharing.


The lynx is for caster only. But with a minion of that size… Well… :wink:

Correct. minion is only for herself.

If it was for others also it would say “Caster and Nearby” or “All allies”. Lack of those indicates its only for the caster.


I m not too convinced… Damage is ok, cleanse is nice and so are the passive skills but the minion removal is much less effective than grimble at the same speed.

Which is why she does more than just remove minions…


She is a little like neith in the sense that she does a little of everything but not exceptional at anything.
She will surely be a decent hero.


Grimble is cast once, removes everything, then need couple turns to recharge.

Devana is cast once, then removes minions every turn (as long as she hits targets with minions), doesn’t need to recharge.

Each is useful in their own scenarios. Big pro for Devana is that she’s yellow, and you are likely to take that color against Bera/Freya tanks. Also, her resistance to effects from minions makes Bera’s minion’s antiminion ailments uneffective against her.


Yes but…going mono yellow u ll likely kill bera with tiles proccing her mana down which will deny her to cast at all.
Whil grimble will probably fill all his team mana up.
Grimble is probably more niche but on that particular scenario is better imo.


Yep, release OP meta heroes and then after everyone has spent to get them, either nerf them, produce a ton of counters to also spend to get, or just introduce an even more powerful bunch of heroes.


I will not pull in July because C.Gormek is better.
He does not require 4* mat, charges with 9 tiles, and revives all allies from the brink of death. The emblem to make him +20 is 1/3 of 5* heroes.

I am confused. Does the minion destroys all of minions or just the target’s?
Happy to see great perks of this hero like resistance but summoning a minion just for herself is not a big of a deal, unless I’m missing something.
Great artwork btw!

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Just the targets minions.
Specifically the minion target.

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Interestingly none of those skills have anything to do with July’s heroes. But have fun soloing with your C. Gormek, lol.

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She’s really not enough to take down bera meta. 1 minion won’t change how strong she is


I don’t know what “lol” is, but I recommend reading C.Gormek’s card carefully.
So, did you compared the July HOTM with a hero who removes all minions from all enemies with a single charge, heals allies’ HP, and deals 180% damage to all enemies?
Sounds by your comments you may not be good strategically at this game. (This is a quote from your remark.)

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how do you know how she looks like? whats your source?

Got that sweet Seshat/Noor amalgamation vibe. I like that it’s a yellow minion maker, offering up a non-passive choice beyond Delilah and the off chance Inari pulls through.

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