🧪 Early Information on the July 2020 HOTM (Noor)

Minion mayhem with freya/telluria

I feel like the developers put themselves in a corner. So, the hero of the month can’t be better than everyone else because it leads to power creep and lack of diversity (the Telluria example) but if the HOTM isn’t better than other heroes there’s no point of getting her/him. Well maybe it’s going to be an interesting niche hero to have for collectioners but not versatile enough for me at least. I really hope to pull Marjana from TC20 soon.

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The only part i find interesting.

That can help a tad to negate her mana speed. But her skill isn’t enough to justify slow mana. Needs to be at least average. Freya is fast. Del is average. Tell is average. Puss is average. Etc. Mother north is slow because she can resurrect a whole team, not because she summons minions.

So yea hopefully devs are usin this as just a low jump point to buff up instead of adjust down since obviously adjustments down are always highly frowned upon by the player base


Please start making good red heroes this hero is mehh even if he vas very fast i would give him never rings we need fast red heroes hiter dispelers some really good hero


Hah! If they released decent reds, we wouldn’t have to chase GM in that stupid legends gate. So, I wouldn’t look for any help coming :slight_smile:


Beta Update

Noor has returned to Beta, with updates to her Owl Minions:

  • Inherited HP increased from 20% to 25%

  • Inherited Attack increased from 24% to 25%

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


Those owls are looking ripe. But slow speed is slow ;(.



So she can basically boost her HP over max by 25% without even charging one tile, it’s enough to just have any minion-creating enemy fire. Interesting stuff.


Still too slow and nearly useless (because of being slow) when the enemy has no minion spawners.
I think the previous version of minions with average speed is better (I mean look at incoming bera and Freya!!!)

Still a sh*tty hero even if the minions would have 50% health it wouldn’t make me want her badly :roll_eyes:


Noor has her place in a red stack against Tell. Not great but yet again another hero seemingly designed just for Tell

Yup, I think people just badly anticipate at least one new red sniper (me included) so anything else is instantly called trash.

A positive that I can see with Noor is that she can be very effective even at 3.70 now, so you can take her to the stack against Telly and still save your rings for something else.

Meanwhile, let’s await Marjana’s costume :wink:


It’s easy to get in the mindset for sure. I don’t understand why they refuse to ever create red hitters. It’s like it’s a sin for SG to go down that route. But nonetheless, Noor undoubtedly will be a good support hero against any team with minion casters in them.

I think she’s too slow to be a good support hero. She needs another line to be added to her special skill to be a good slow hero (a HoT for example)

Is that a hero of the month? SG must be looking to avoid spending on their players. Or they wouldn’t plan to launch a slow helper-launching hero (which is the most boring feature in the game) as the hero of the month. Delete that hero and create a simple and good sniper, which is what the game needs.


Everyone complaining about Noor being slow seems to be missing the fact that she essentially clears enemy minions for free thanks to the passive, and gains +25% max hp to boot.

While not exactly great in defense, she looks like a decent to good offensive tool against minion comps, which there will be an abundance of, after all the new s3 heroes are out.


That is a nice ability indeed but the usage is too niche. Anyway, Noor cannot take away minions attached in Telluria/Vela.

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What you said is false.
When an enemy summons minions she creates one, but she eliminates the minion IF AND ONLY IF her owl minion hits the other hero.
So example, telluria casts and creates minions, then Noor creates one owl minion and that owl minion will hit one enemy so she eliminates one minion (unless it is telluria), so 80% chance. But there are still four more out there, and at the next turn IF AND ONLY IF the owl minion survives, there is 60% chance that she kills another minion, and so on…
She may be efficient against minions but that is it. If no minion spawners she does nothing until she fires, and at slow she only creates bulky minions which is like a small heal and that is it. Compare to every other healer and it is underwhelming.
Besides that, does she have a place against titans? Nope. In challenges or map? Nearly zero (only for Christmas). At slow she will be always underwhelming.

At average she may be more useful, as in raids she could be seen as a pseudo healers with the minions.

Anyway, think about incoming Bera that casts and then you cannot create minions… she counters Noor COMPLETELY, because of Noor being slow…


I don’t think that’s quite the reason in this case though. If the card were good then you’d see more people being happy with the card. Out of the 3 new HoTM’s Noor is the most useless out of the 3, and its not like the other 2 are aiming to be top heroes either.

A minion is nice but it on its own doesn’t do much. Specially when you require the enemy to fire off their special to receive such minion. So 20% extra Health might just cover up what she lost, and doesn’t do anything to help you with anything else. The minion destruction effect also doesn’t do anything to the most popular minion maker in the game and relies on the minion surviving at least a round.

I really like her character design and she has a really good innate ability so im hoping we can find a way to make her good.

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Inari, Noor, Telluria, freya, deliah. Grimble would feast.

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