🧪 Early information on the January 2023 HOTM -- Roughian & Nurgib [Part of The Beta Beat V53]

You are doing god’s work… keep us in the loop.

Far too solid to be a HOTM. This will get nerfed into the ground, and $G will just flood more OP paywalled heroes into the game.

I thought original Yang Mai was REALLY good… and then she got nerfed HARD… so I think you might be right, but I wouldn’t mind if you were wrong… and of course I actually got one of her.

I think this January 2023 HotM steals some power from her previous HotM :rofl:.


You people still refuse to see the obvious bear trap laid in front of you. An easy and free to acquire hero (hotm) is SGG favorite excuse to wave the NERF GUN. Many players will pull for this (whale is a guaranteed to have hotm) so when the nerf comes in, whales are still strong with their pay-walled heroes while you, the gullible c2p ftp or whatever P you think yourself on would start a hundred thread crying (not that I complain reading the masses pain)

Avoid the trap

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They don’t need to nerf them anymore. Compared to the new S5 and event heroes, this hero seems average to me


I’m with you. Not an ideal defensive hero and has a lot of bells and whistles to find them useful in many situations. I approve.

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I think it’s a very good step for everyone to have a chance to be a strong hero. I hope he doesn’t get nerfed. good luck everyone in january

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Huh… Still not nerfed. I suppose tomorrow then.

So I saw his art and want him even more. I believe I have all those type characters already so one more for the collection…

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Great Hotm. BUT, he is only a sniper, an evolved Zocc, if you want, and the current meta is ruled by hit 3 and AoE heroes. Still, good enough and probably the best Hotm in a while if not ever

this january hotm cannot be summoned on xmas event as xmas event END UP in 1st jan, exactly the same clock when this hotm appear :expressionless:


Yes, this is the case unfortunatelly :frowning:

I do not think so, as far as I have in mind last years christmas event was also in early january. Additionally, the events now stay for 6 weeks which would also speak for january pulls. Let’s cross our fingers and wait for the new calender.

They changed it last year to end on January 1st.

Last year ended on January 1. But they then extended Halloween… Do we really don’t know what is going to happen until the schedule is release… Maybe it will be another 6 week event.

This guy looks awesome on ofense either with mono or heavy red teams. fast speed %80 dodge. thats very handy. not a defensıve hero but that elemental link looks great

This HOTM is real jackpot. I am saving my rings for him. I hope I get him :grimacing::grimacing:

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Dodge aliments only, not special skill…

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Agreed… But 80% is a big number. So no Rayne, no defense down, no attack down, no fire damage… Poison… No mindless attack. I’ll take that without reservation.

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