🧪 Early information on the January 2023 HOTM -- Roughian & Nurgib [Part of The Beta Beat V53]

@PlayForFun : if this hero targets a multi-charge hero at 3x, does the hero steal 50% of the 3x accumulated mana ? Thereby reducing that target to 1.5x charge ?

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I highly doubt it, but I will test it and let you know.

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Based on how mana steal currently works, you can’t push a hero to a lower charge. So likely will only be able to steal 50% of the current bar.


Here’s a question for you… 50% of 12 tiles is 6. 50% of 3 tiles, like styx) is 1.5. So… A fully charged hero having 50% stolen… Is that 10% to each of the 5 heroes… Or is some weird math happen that converts it based on charge level. I presume 10% each… But it is worth asking.

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Too good to be hotm, nerf hammer in 3…2…1…


I was thinking that too… but I didn’t want to say anything.

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Lol better than most of the Styx family snipers, or hell any sniper in the game. No way they will release a HOTM that’s stronger than any paywalled sniper.

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I have just seen this hero artwork… I thought that she and the dog will look more like Odin and his wolf or like Noor and her birds, but no…
I noticed that I like new artworks less and less. Monster hunters, new HoTMs, Musketeers.
She looks like an orc, green skin, red hair, wearing fur and leather cloths. The dog, or the wolf is as big as she is and is kind of cartoonish? For me their artwork isn’t good. I would prefer seeing more artworks like Odin or Noor.

But Xenda looks cool, I like her/him.

This hero is so OP especially the innate ability. Imagine this hero next to M&M and has 3 kittens. that’s like +20% mana each turn when he has M&M heal and 15% mana with just the 3 kittens! He’ll be effectively very fast mana speed and will be giving mana to all allies when he fires his special. And they nerfed Xnolphod?

So this is the foil to M&M. R&N literally counters every point M&M make.

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First pump so many minion heros, then send a RNG based auto minion killer. I really hope she doesn’t get beaten to death before release. She won’t break the meta as she is offense based.
I like her element link, she can help her red friends with all those s5 passives.

Stealing Mana is good.
Eventhough if you read it carefully, this stealing Mana is just giving you Max 10% mana (if enemy’s Mana Bar is full) if you still have a full team. Cause 50% cut it to 5 Allies.
But i don’t know if you are the only one left, are you getting 50% or still 10%

Very likely you will get 50%, that’s why the less heroes you bring with you, the faster your team will be.

She is a fun and balanced hero for a hotm. Please don’t touch anything, maybe the e-link be dropped to 30/50%. Because if it’s 80%, they might as well just have it be turned into an ailment shield at that point


Now you can officially use zocc on cleric or monk. If the MA fails, use her to steal it back :laughing:

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@PlayForFun is it the full 50% or 50% of the mana the target currently has? So let’s say if the target has 80% mana, she can only steal 40%?

From what I can tell in testing, it steals 50% of the current charge. So if they have 2 full charges, it takes them down to 1.5… another thing, if the hit kills the target, no mana is stolen. Would be great if that was the 1st special in the list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Thank you. This Jan HOTM is useful indeed. And yes, I agree that the steal mana special should be First.

Steal first, then murder.

Mimic some RL crimes.

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It appears that he steals up to 50%. So if they have 40% they go down to zero. So with a full team it looks like each hero gets around 10% boost. I didn’t notice much difference in mana gain between hitting a target with 30-40% vs full bar. I’ll keep testing tho

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I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I’ll level this one if I get it. Most of the time, I think I’d do better to just have used a different hero, but once in a while this hero pulls off a miracle.

From what I’ve seen so far in testing this hero, they tend to either die before you can use their special OR they kill their target and no mana is stolen. It’s really hard to get the mana steal to happen.

That said, when it does work, it can be glorious. One time, hitting a full health, fully charged Anne with this special literally turned the tide of the battle in my favor by charging up the rest of my team (and stopping Anne from firing, of course).

The element link sounds awesome, but as others have noted, damage is still applied. All that is dodged is the ailment(s) themselves, not any accompanying damage. But with so many ailment dispensing defense teams out there, of course it helps.

I’m still trying to puzzle out the precise details of mana steal; when I was testing there weren’t many multi-charge (styx/ninja/magic) heroes to test against, so how it interacts with that is something I’d still like to explore.