🧪 Early information on the January 2021 Bertila HOTM

rabbit’s def down isnt cleansable

But preventable (reverseable) using JF, aren’t they?

A small improvment would be when she first puts the ailments on the opponent and then attacks.


I really like that idea! I hope they do something along those lines. I wouldn’t complain if they increased the damage, but I don’t think it’s likely because so few can do this much raw damage to begin with.

Another buff idea I really like: All party members with Attack & Defense ailments chuck them back to the other side. After that, if they had Defense Down, they get Defense Up. If they had Attack Down, they get Attack Up.

Or she could also give the team (or just herself) a minor counterattack. That’d fit the “En Garde” concept.


I was writing exactly this!

At slow something should be added to the status ailment utility or up her damage to all. Seriously, at the very least include ALL status ailments as opposed to ailments that only affect def and attck. I have no inherent issue with slow heroes but the fact that her utility is not only timing and chance based, but only pertains to ailments affecting def or attck is an issue. Seems completely arbitrary to limit that utility to only certain status ailments.

I treasure many slow heroes in this game and actually believe that this game constantly getting faster (and the demand for even more faster and powerful heroes that is feeding that growth) is a problem anyway. But, if a hero is slow, their special SHOULD NOT be as random, chance based, and arbitrary as this hero. At least with a hero like Isarnia you know that her utility will apply every time.


Is there any reason why Lady Loki is average but Bertila is slow? Ok yes Bertila does a flat 290% damage, more than Lady Loki’s maximum of 278%, but she only flips status ailments affecting attack/defense and does absolutely jack all with DoT and other undesirable effects (blind, mana ailments).

I get that 290% @ 718 attack is basically on par with Quintus, but Quintus (even with CB) isn’t exactly some sort of golden standard to look up to. She’s one of those heroes that’s just neither here nor there. Is she a cleanser? Only against attack/defense debuffs but nothing else. Is she a damage dealer? Yeah sure I suppose, but pure AoE without some significant secondary effect in 2021 just screams mediocre.

As people have mentioned, drop her damage, but make her cleanse everything ala Lady Loki style, and then maybe the slow speed could be tolerated. As it is in her current form, she’s a hard pass for me.

I mean I raid with Alfrike on offense, yes she is very very slow, but that’s why I always pair her with Clarissa to make her even harder to kill. The thing about Alfrike is, the very slow speed is every bit justified because when she does finally fire, in 90% of the cases she has just singlehandedly won the match for you. That’s not even remotely the case with Bertila.


Yes they are, Grazul also stops Rabbit self harm…

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Quintus: 747/636/1380, 270% dmg
Bertila: 718/778/1367, 290% dmg, mirrors -def to enemies, 3 smaller skills

Diff for Bertila: ~+100 Att/Def, +20% dmg, a great skill for rush tourneys, 3 smaller skills

I would give her at max 270% dmg, not more. The second skill is great for every rush tournament (and AW rush), so with 290% I see another problematic hero.
But I would have rather liked to mirror all status ailments and deal less dmg to be usabe outside of tourneys.
Just my impression…

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