🧪 Early information on the January 2021 Bertila HOTM

Same. I’d still pick her over Reuben, though. She’d be awesome for Very Fast wars, especially because everyone will love bringing their Isarnias and Horghalls. I’d pick her over Reuben if I were doing Christmas summons this year. Reuben looks like the cream of the crud to me. I’d pick anyone over Reuben

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I kinda like her. Seeing new slow speed heroes is refreshing in the current state of the game where everyone seems to be chasing after rapid fire specials above all else.
The special is impactful and could very well reverse the odds of winning some fights that look bad.

Does she look like a physically attractive duelist-style fencer? I have a certain character from a different game in mind.


She looks like uncostumed Elena with black hair and wearing an a lot sturdier armor.


Correct. This is not destroying the minion.

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@Guvnor Thanks for switching the Attack and Power info. This is far easier to mentally digest than when the Power data was the first to be read as it was confusing and made me re-read again the stats in the previous Early Information of past heroes posted in the forum.

I like this new HOTM. I just wished she was not slow though. She ideal only in very fast raid tourneys.

Not really. She has below average attack stat from the legendary pool of heroes.

Her raw direct damage 2082 And it is better than quintus default. I will be happy to get her for my rush tourney/war team.


I already have plenty red but lack of green… maybe I should use my EHT at New Year…

She seems quite underwhelming to me…subpar to Lady Loki in every way. I think she should be average and reduce her damage to 250%, or keep her at slow but make it reallocate all ailments including undispellable ones, not just attack/defence ailments. It’s a shame SG are so dead-set on releasing mediocre hotm, I think she has the potential to be a really good hero (but not OP!) with just a few changes.

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I should have been more specific - she’s more defensively orientated in stats but compared to others in that mould her attack stat is still decent.

of course, compared to those who have stats skewed towards attack power and raw damage shes lacking but with a higher than average attack percentage she gets the best of both worlds and still has a decent attack that can be boosted with emblems.

I’m not saying it’s amazing or standout, just solid compared to similar heroes and has an okay secondary effect.

Overall I personally still think she needs something more given the slow speed. At present she won’t be getting any tonics from me but others may do depending on their roster


FYI: This says she has an “image ability to resist…” Shouldn’t it be “innate ability…”?

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Look at this hero and her base stats then look at Telluria and tell me that’s fair/equal. I understand Bertila has a stronger attack stat, but it shouldn’t impact her other stats and be the cause for slow mana generation.


Won’t see her in Defense for sure.
In Offense? We have lots of Very good Potential Green Heroes out there.

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This hero isn’t nearly strong enough to justify the slow mana speed. She could be average.


She’d be too powerful at average


230% and average speed so she hits just a little lesser than Kong and I would definitely chase her.

I think I’d still prefer Kong, personally ¯_(ツ)_/¯ He’s better in a wider variety of battles. Bertila’s a situational hero, and many situational heroes still don’t rise far above their friends when their special moments come. Even when the enemy’s using Attack & Defense Down, it may not be a clear choice for me


Kong rules, of course. But you can’t use him in everything. Against blues, more than once in wars/Tavern… it’s good to have options.


I like her. Kind of hatter and killhare. But not as strong as the bunny. Wonder how it plays with that rabbit?

rabbit’s def down isnt cleansable

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