🧪 Early Information on the January 2020 HOTM (Vela)

So another hero aimed at minion wielders? Dang, SG must really have it out for Delilah, not to mention Red Hood, QoH and the newly released LotL. BTW, has anyone else noticed a trend in SG creating blue heroes that counter green heroes?

Let me try that again.

Ironic that a hero naturally resistant to minions is a Druid class who’s emblemed skill is generating minions.


We know a thing or two cause we’ve seen a thing or two.


As far as I can see she is a nice damaging heroine that could help making green tanks a thing.
The attack reduction only affects fire heroes and this keep it balanced, the AoE, DoT and extra damage resemble the Gravemaker’s ones but the DoT’s duration doesn’t make this too oppressive, so she have a nice damage and a situational utility.

We could say that she is how Azlar could have been.


Last year the Christmas event rolled over to January, so this year no question I’m gonna save up my EHTs for January :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that Grimble looks bad (in fact, I’m quite happy they are making a useful version of Gobbler) but Vela looks more useful for many more situations than Grimble.


Same, I think I’d get a lot more use out of Vela than Grimble.

Plus that way I can hold out hope for longer, and experience a more fully satisfying letdown when I don’t get anything useful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She sounds like she’d be good flanking a green tank.

Now we just need one of those.

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20 more would be good


Horghall and Kadilen rise again ??? :open_mouth:


Her artwork actually reminded me of the Veelas from Harry Potter. That may be intentional. Aside from the similarities in the name, the “axe handle” that she is using looks a lot like a broomstick.

I’ll probably end up with 1 since I’m saving for big time draws in January Atlantis… so I’m kind of excited for her. My roster is a lot of snipers I need a fast multi hit hero.

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LotL 4 center, Frida left flank, Vela right. Ariel left wing, Missy far right.

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But, the taunt is not an incoming negative effect. This hero will just be immune to hit from QoH minion, which will hit it with 1/5 chance, and the QoH minion is useful more for taunt than the minion hits.


From what Vela’s immunity suggests, the taunt from the QoH’s minion will most likely be ignored.

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I just tested Vela against Queen of Hearts, and Taunt works as normal.

That doesn’t really surprise me, since it’s not an “incoming” negative effect.


Really? That’s very interesting and rather disappointing.


QoH’s minion card is so weak anyway…

Hmm. I’m thinking more soundtrack Aquarius from Hair, peace loving and free spirited. Should probably stay down wind from coppers.

Would love her for my roster, seems very versatile. Saving all my currently non existing scopes for this one.


Okay guys and gals, I think I messed up and lost one of your posts. It brought up Margaret in relation to Vela. I pressed a button and … POOF! It was gone! Then I went looking for it… well… I can’t find it anywhere

I’m very sorry :cry:

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Vela’s special looks underwhelming. Just compare his with Zeline and you can see how inferior he is.
Both hits weak.
Vela has DOT but his DOT is weak as hell
Vela attack debuff one opposing hero vs Zeline debuff all
Zeline has dispell all which is incredibly useful.

Seems like Vela’s usefulness is only in Titan but then Blue already have attack debuffers like Alice and Richard. I am not convinced the +10% critical chance makes much difference in titan score. This is coming from a player with Gregorion which has +30% critical chance for all his team mates.

Druid is really lacking in good heroes.