🧪 Early Information on the January 2020 HOTM (Vela)

It is possible to drown with 3rd degree burns. Vela’s special says nothing about the water temperature. There is definitely a scenario where burn damage can continue with water applied (even if fire is out).

I find Miki quite usable at 3/70 on titans. He does need a mana potion to jump start, but that would be the same regardless of whether he was 3/70 or 4/80. I think support type heroes can be useful at 3/70 in the right circumstances.

Miki is a good example, but it gets dicey past 10* titans


Think she is quite good. But water damage exactly same as poison…?

I thought water damage could be same as poison **+ it should lower all fire/red targets attack value with XX% **

If in the card said Deals extra damage against Fire or against Holy for poison, then it is, otherwise it does the same with all element/color opponent.
And in Vela’s card said Deals extra damage against Fire.

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But for example Athena is doing extra damage agains fire. Without any water damage involved. So still, the introduced water damage is same as poison damage. Or do you mean that the damage over time is increased against fire as well…?

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The water damage and extra damage against fire is different aspect.

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All hero tiles do extra damage against the colour they’re strong against (red > green > blue > red & purple > yellow > purple)

SPECIAL SKILLS however only do extra damage if the card says so. For special skill damage (Direct or over time) the natural elemental resistance doesn’t count; exception being if there is an elemental debuff in place (e.g. frida, Evelyn, Jackal etx…)

So heroes who will do additional damage are GM, Athena, Vela. Examples who won’t are Alasie, Arthur, Alice etc… (Ones where there isn’t that “deals extra damage against xyz”)

Imo she does extra dmg against fire with her special, too.

Oops, you’re right. Athena bad example haha

Athena has the “deals extra damage against fire” written on her card (don’t have so forgot & had to double.check)

A better example would have been Arthur or Alice or Alasie…

Edited accordingly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone of a strong element will deal more tile damage to its weak colored opponents. That’s the reason for using a stack. :wink:

Yes, as the card said like that, here is the demo:

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That is not true @Guvnor. Slash attacks on defense are not elemental by default, so they are neutral and there is no strong or weak slash attack.

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Are you sure?

I thought that defence hero slash attacks took the role of tiles?

Happy to be wrong and will alter above posts if that’s the case.

It’s true, slash attacks don’t do double/half damage against strong/weak element.

But slash attacks still has its element attached, so the damage is affected by elemental defense buffs/debuffs.

It is similar to specials, they don’t do double/weak damage either (unless it’s in special’s description) but they can benefit from element buffs/debuffs too


@Guvnor yes, 100% sure.

With the addition of what @Dwimmerlaik said.

After elemental defense down, slash attack becomes elemental and not neutral


Cool thanks for the correction :slight_smile:


Slash damage is non-elemental

But when a hero is under ailment such as -54% defense against nature/green heroes, the slash attack will deal more damage not because the element is nature but because the attacker is nature.

When a hero special contain deal extra damage against fire hero, it is not a status therefore it only apply to the corresponding special skill not other type of attack.

So difference between Athena and Vela is that Athena do extra dmg agains red (more than normal blue against red ratio) & Velas water DOT will inflict more dmg against red in the same way but DOT.
Have I got it right?

Vela deals extra damage to red both, direct damage and also DOT.