🧪 Early information on the February 2024 HOTM -- Gladius [Part of The Beta Beat V63]

You appeared to enjoy argument that leads no where apparently!

And It appeared you also want me to agree and prove your point, well I have not, I don’t and I won’t, if all you want is everyone’s opinions to align with yours, then you could continue in that psychic cave!

I think this is a niche hero against Ninjas, as the ninjas can dodge ever normal attack.
The best skill against dodger still buff blocking, there will be inefficient for stacking damage when dodge.

So i would prefer Calum can be
1 deal 300% to 3 with markings,
2 deal 540% to 1 with marking,
3 deal 250% to 5 with markings,
4 very fast, deal 400% to 1 with marking

Nah, I simply point out the stupid mechanic used to con ppl into thinking it is something good, which it is not.

Nope, I simply point out you actually agreed to it without even realizing yourself. Lets rewind the tape.

Yes, if the attack was not dodge. The +dmg stack on dodge does not proc, hence is meaningless. Or is this something you wish to argue even though it came from you? That is exactly why I said you actually agree without realizing lol. Anyways moving on.

This is where you miss the point in the math that was pointed out to you. If you miss your special skill, the weakest special skill does 100-200 (more if it is stronger), and you trade it for a +dmg stack on dodge, a tiny 5%. Meaning you lose out on at least 100-200 dmg to gain 15dmg on a 300dmg tile. You will have to then launch around 10 tiles, doing 3000 dmg + 150dmg from the +5% dmg stack to pull even. Run the math in your head again if you still think this is a worthwhile trade to make the “+dmg stack on dodge” any meaningful.

In case it is not obvious, you will not be facing hero with over 3k HP, not with this hero at least. Hero with 3k-4k HP are from top alliance and whales, in which case you will expect to have latest meta hero to face those. For the lvl that this HOTM was supposed to “help” in, you are looking at hero with 1300-2000HP. In which case I can’t see a way where losing 100-200dmg from missing special skill will be a benefit from +dmg stack through tiles. If you launch 10 tiles each doing 300dmg, in the lvl this hero face, the opponent will be long dead before the +dmg stack even draw lvl.

I am sure even with that you wouldn’t understand it, but I tried lol, have a good one. :rofl:

That is indeed an interesting point. Not something really have to think about myself, not that is not a valid point, but I don’t recall the last time I have seen multiple Ninja being used in defence. But it is still a good and interesting point.

Can the beta tester confirm if normal attack, ie. tiles dmg dodge from Ninja can proc the +dmg stack?

Not quite sure there are any other things that can dodge normal attack. I know there is Ailment dodge, but that is like 5% from elemental link. And again if it dodged (for w/e reason you won the lottery, 5% dodge rate) the ailment I don’t know if +5%dmg stack is enough to be worthwhile. For example, if you dodge -34% defence down, it proc a +5% dmg stack, is it really something to be proud of? lol. But don’t tell the other guy, he might think it is. :rofl:

You miss the entire point, all in the name of argument actually,
We have a sniper facing an hero with dodged on, you either miss or hit
Now, we are to have an addition here where the miss gives you the chance to apply X +5% damage in subsequent hit Vs X + 0% damage if this HotM is not used.
And I say this is I found okay and useful as it’s better than zero( nothing), that is my own opinion

You claim the + 5% damage stack is useless, that is your opinion.

I will not agree with it, and I do not expect you to agree with mine!

But the fact remain SGG hold the aces here, you can claim their idea is useless, but it can not change anything, they can choose to change the mechanism of the hero or leave it as it is, my guess is they design based on their business objectives, players can desire all they want, whatever they give becomes what we would adapt to play with!

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions and perspectives, that further makes this back and forth argument on this HotM fruitless, I will not agreed with your opinion and I do not expect you to agree with mine!

I didn’t miss the point. I got the point perfectly fine. You are the kind of person that lost their wallet but will be happy if someone give you a cookie back. And to me that is meaningless.

You can have your opinion on whether to be happy to get a cookie after you lost your wallet. But the usefulness of +5%dmg is just math. And you will have to disagree with math to have a different opinion.


  1. at the lvl this HOTM will be useful, opponent hero will have about 1500-2200HP~ish, any higher you reach meta lvl, and you will be using meta hero anyways not this HOTM.

  2. if a tiles do 300dmg, you gain +15dmg each tiles from +5%dmg stack. If you hit 6 tiles, that’s 1500+90dmg. If you hit 3 tiles that’s 900+45dmg. For it to be meaningful you will have to hit it a lot of tiles in which case the enemies would’ve been long dead.

  3. Mind you you already did 480% dmg to it, probably in region if 600-700dmg. Your enemy wouldn’t even have enough HP remaining to be meaningful.

No matter how you look at it, +5%dmg stack is so tiny that it will not make any difference, unless you hit it with 10 tiles, totaling 3000dmg + 150dmg. But since you are someone that will be happy to get a cookie after losing your wallet, I guess you will see +15dmg each tiles mean a lot to you. :rofl:

With the above, Boosted HP not taking into account for reason. 1) max HP down is more effective dealing with boosted HP. And 2) if you face a team with max boosted HP over 3000-4000 total, your fight dragged on too long anyways and you are likely to lose, +5%dmg stack on 1 hero isn’t gong to save you.

Anyways I am tired, hope you get this HOTM and have your fun with it, it will help you a lot! Good luck! :+1:

Oh, you are still on this plane? Must have been giving you kicks fussing over every HotM, calling devs names and not respecting others opinions.

Anyway, Good luck with changing every Hotms to suit your desire!

Edit : I hardly get HotMs that I write too much over, but I sure hope to get this one, and I wíll find good use for him, just like I am enjoying using Leadria already!

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I can see that SG design this guy to be a “cheap” dodge counter, and sadly as many of us mentioned here, the counter is quite weak, and especially the “mark” is very weak and also conditional.

One idea to buff this hero is to make him “mark dodge” on “all enemies” or at least “target & nearby” so that at least this hero becomes more a kind-of dodge-counter

Better if it will be like Fiend that prevent dodge (similar to Neema’s fiends preventing taunt)

PS. I saw the leak picture of this guy, and this guy came from Puzzle Combat again!! (Like neema). But this guy’s artwork looks perfectly plain, more suit to be 3* :sweat_smile:

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In the 75-80 percentile of HOTM. Would be happy to pull but would probably never get around to leveling.

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Here is the only red dodger that I know :rofl:


Another one is R&N whose EL can dodge only ailments, but it may also activate Callum’s mark (not clear from the card)

Btw, there should be only two red dodgers


Isn’t every red rogue with emblems a dodger? Does the dodge from class talent activate the mark?

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Any team with the right troops, mana boosters and the right board will win… imo

Well sometimes not ( any team)… facing some OP teams these days, mana up all allies may not guarantee a win…

However, in my statement I wasn’t talking of win, essentially…was referring to possibility of repeating the special before eventual slaughter :rofl:.

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Is Callum getting renamed?


Yes, it seems.

As the graphics is the same.

I have updated the OP too.


Hope it is not a typo since in Puzzle Combat version, the same art, his name is Gladius there :joy: (at 3:37)


Guess we can now expect more crossover Heroes between the two games. First Neema and now Gladius. Cost saving measures being put in place to increase profit ??

I believe Neema had the same name and graphics in both games.
So they can be the same here too.


We know brogan appears in so many places. I’m surprised there hasn’t been more hero art crossover up until now.

Smart move by SG.