🧪 Early information on the February 2024 HOTM -- Gladius [Part of The Beta Beat V63]

No, since titans don’t have dodge and 10% special skill damage is less than what you’d get with regular attack up/def down.


I was so confused reading the special. So basically, you hit your opponent with this HOTM, and then hope within next 3 turns your hero miss their specials to gain a tiny 5% more dmg stack on the opponent :rofl::rofl:

aka, you can ignore that part of the special cause it is practically useless. You have to miss 3 special in 3 turns to get 15% more dmg stacks, and then you have to hope that while the opponent is stacked you don’t miss your subsequent special, so how many specials are you looking to fire off? :rofl::rofl:

Comparing to Turgurk, Turgurk is VF this is only fast, and the stack is guaranteed application instead of hoping you miss your opponent with your special in 3 turns :rofl::rofl: and if you miss the get +dmg stack but who is to say you don’t miss more of your special, so is the stack really that meaningful? :rofl::rofl: So comparing to Turgurk on this part is unfair since it is useless. :rofl:

So basically you are only really looking at the special never miss, and the 480% single hit of the special. Of which, 480% for a sniper nowadays is not really that great tbh, so only never missing is really special about this hero :rofl::rofl:

Would be more meaningful if your hit never miss and dispel the dodge from the target.


The stack I would expect them to bump up to maybe a 10%. Because it just so situational it makes no sense


Basically Ice-Russell, so perhaps we have to pair him with WuKong for the never-missed +195% attack boost ?

(and yeah I think we can ignore the stack part)


Alasie’s elemental link (2018), is +5% to both attack and defense so it also helps tile damage, not just special skills for all ice allies. Alasie’s special also lasts for for 6 rounds, not the 4 rounds on this hero.

A tracker living in an apartment for free?


Hahaha I didnt catch that til I read this, that hilarious.

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I didn’t catch it until I read your comment :rofl::rofl:

Do they mean RELENTLESS Tracker?

I really agree. I don’t remember a worst synergy in a Hero skill than this one.

Need to fail attacks to get the bônus, I don’t believe they did It.

The other mistake: He gain mana when the Enemy receive defense bônus. Why we need a sniper ready to fire against a Enemy that receive a defense bônus First than a Support Hero to Clean It or give you a defense down ? That does not makes any Sense imo.

They should give him something usefull, like a dispel or a % damage for each Enemy Dodge


Agreed 100%,
Pros…never miss, so the mark on the target is guaranteed…stack that won’t go away,

thereafter the target will receive more damage from tiles starting at +5%, (not forgetting that the target is weak already from the initial 480% damage @ 929 att pre emeblem, Pre LB etc.)
Now with SS Attack from other allies if the targets dodges again, more damage from tiles, if didn’t dodge then it’s light out.

At fast mana, with the right troops, the right board and in the right company of mana boasters…there is possibly of repeat hits on more targets within the battle…imo, not bad an offensive hero against dodgers!


So the tactics is hoping to miss your specials so that they get tiny +5%dmg stack for you then use tiles for dmg. So assuming one tile is 300dmg, +5% for missing your specials, you get +15dmg, isn’t that wonderful :rofl::rofl:

Dang never thought of that, new lvl of copium :rofl::rofl:


The point is, every bit of addition you have in this game, becomes an advantage in battle when used appropriately and differently , not all heroes are meant to be nuclear bombs or heavy cannon shots, the good part of this game to be explored is to use what seems to be unlikely to get the unlikely done and derive fun from it, rather than stand to condemn virtually all characters that are presented!, this is a game, everyone’s tactics cannot not be the same.

Now we have a mechanics that act as counter to a dodge hero, if the character doesnt dodge it takes damage, if it doges it stands to take more damage…looking at it in as whole not in the narrow perspective, this mechanism seems good to me!


The weaker specials should do like 100-200 dmg. Basically you are hopinf to miss a special that do at least 100-200dmg to gain +5% in tiles dmg which even if you do 300dmg per tile means you gain 15dmg.

If there is ever a definition of bad trade. That’s why it’s copium, finding grace in fundamental design flaws.

Not everything has to be nuclear bombs, but to trade a miss special of at least 100-200dmg for a +15dmg per tile, that’s not nuclear bomb, that’s self nerf🤣

And mind you 100-200dmg are weak special. A non-nuclear bomb special would do at least 300-400dmg. In that respect you are trading even more for less :rofl:.

Not everything has to be nuclear bomb, but it shouldn’t be stupid in design to start with either.

To put in another way, would you mind giving me $100 dollars and I give you $15 dollars back? Seriously if you don’t see how stupid and ridiculous it is, I can’t help you man. :rofl::rofl:


We are looking at a single target marked to be killed, has dodge on, now it is guaranteed to deliver damage to it without missing from this HotM, and it will receive mark to get more damage, if hence it dodges , tile damage ( with additional +5%) can be used to finish off the target, if it doesn’t dodge SS damage from others, it dies…

I keep wondering, while we are focusing on the +5% potential additional stack damage here, instead of looking holistically at what this hero brings as whole, if its only the +5% additional stack damage, an icing.on the damage, that is the focus of discussion, not sure this will worth my time.

By the way you seem to see how stupid SGG dev 's ideas are, but they a making millions $$$ from it, man you shouldnt be playing this game! You should start your own game :rofl::grin:

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So this target only stays marked for 3 turns and then disappears? It’s already the old Turgruk on mana very fast that does it better.

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Yes, I did said, “not missing” is the only thing special about this HOTM, you can check above.

It will be marked and get +5% dmg after you lost dmg from your specials, yes, and yes, if you didn’t miss SS then the stack mechanism is meaningless altogether :rofl::rofl::rofl:

So the backup plan of losing 100-200dmg minimum from missed skill, we can now get +15dmg per tile (assuming you do minimum 300dmg per tile). That’s a bargain trade I tell you :rofl:. So you RNG to miss to gain the +dmg stack, you do also have to RNG the board to have tiles btw :rofl:

Yes, I don’t know why you are wasting your time on a flawed design mechanic of the special. And why we point out it is useless, is because, if you remove this, what is really left of this HOTM “holistically”. The only things worth mentioning is then:

  • “special never miss” - already mention way above

  • and “480% dmg @ fast” - 480% single target snipe @ fast speed, is that really something to be praise? :rofl: For comparison, C1Sartana 532%, C1Joon 488%, and base Lianna 512% hit about the same :rofl: that’s after taking the about 100attk stat diff

  • element link - a +10% SS dmg boost is so small is not worth mentioning, and it doesn’t even get family bonus for another 10months so that it can benefit off color. And just to refresh our memory, Leadria has +20% to all and +10% by element link that is already active from last yr, and Leadria SS boost is not great, I know cause I have her lvled lol

So what is really special about this hero apart from special never miss?

Of course they are not stupid, scammer are usually quite intelligent. But the design of the HOTM can be stupid and waiting for stupid ppl to fall for the scam. :rofl:

Case in point, we had ppl said beta Zora slow hit all for 280% was good. But it is actually no better than Bertila from exactly 3yrs ago, slow hit all for 290%. It is after ppl point out we get a tiny +20% bump in dmg :rofl::rofl: If ppl swallowed that, I bet they wouldn’t hesitate to release Zora as is in beta, and HOTM would’ve been no better after 3yrs duration. After ppl B’ed about it, we finally got a +10% to HOTM dmg after 3yrs from Bertila 290% to 300% Zora :rofl:

480% never missed + WuKong or Ranvir … that’s all i can think of.
But if some other heroes that also never missed are in your team e.g. Ginger, Hippo, etc. This synergy with WuKong or Ranvir may be ok at least for f2p or c2p


Alright you want to say it’s useless, your opinion!
I am saying it’s not useless, my opinion and it can’t be changed by any back and forth exchanges, by next month when he is released as he is or probably not as shown , we will know more, even though some beta testers had affirmed he is not a bad counter for dodgers…
And frankly I do not have time to read through your last post, just like I won’t spare further fruitless exchange on this!

Ya, and beta tester said Zora was good as is in beta too, even tho it is no better than Bertila released exactly 3yrs ago :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Anyways, I don’t know what you are on about. The HOTM is not useless. The +dmg stack when dodge is meaningless. You actually agreed and proved my point, so I don’t know why you are going on about it.

If you miss, you lose over 100-200dmg minimum to gain +15dmg per tiles on a 300dmg tiles

If you DON’T miss, then there is no stack.

Therefore the whole mechanism is stupid and meaningless. You either get no benefit if you don’t miss, or you lose more to gain very little when you miss. What a wonderful mechanism, yay! :tada:

Idk what is so complicated to that, but yes, plz stop, this is getting ridiculous, arguing on a point that you actually agreed on is also meaningless.