🧪 Early information on the February 2023 HOTM -- Viselus [Part of The Beta Beat V54]

Oh, I was thinking in terms of skill (dispel without damage, heal or HoT kinda thing). Aesthetically, though, you are right. I do hope Viselus has nice art, as I wouldn’t mind him tagging along to my costume summons in February.

I agree too many druids specially Nature heroes.

But who cares about beta testers right. We said that 7 billion times already.


Yeah Zynga will do whatever they want to do

Is this elemental link still 80% in beta or did that change with the January HOTM elemental link got nerfed?

I think this will 100% be watered down to the level , which Roughian & Nurgib have.

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Viselus is now live. You can discuss it here:

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