🧪 Early information on the February 2021 HOTM Uraeus

315’s better! Although, I would still like to see more… It’s not really bad, but I’m not trembling in my boots. I would need to be If you want me to go for a hero that only works against minions.

He’s somewhere around Grimble’s level now if you ask me, and I don’t like Grimble. Maybe boost the sand damage again or make it undispellable? Undispellable would be nasty :smiling_imp:

Thank you for noticing. I recently had it bleached


My Gefjon has essentially neutralized Seshat since I love stealing her minion(s). Without the replicator, is just a regular sniper like Lianna, Joon etc.

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I guess the weakness for the sand damage is that it is just enough to take down the minions. I would pair him up with grimble, apply the sand damage first then clear the enemy side of their minions. Then the sand damage can be much deadlier

Will QOH’s minion prevent other allies with minions to receive sand damage?

Is nobody going to say anything about the name?

I’mma just call him “peeman”. His special is healing dry and broken skin.

Should I use costume keys in January with Bertila as possible bonus or wait till February with Uraeus as possible bonus?

Well if its just about comparing two hotms, i would wait for Uraeus.


I’m assuming the dot stays even if a minion is killed off after he fires, is that how he worked in beta? So long as a minion was present at the time of firing the dot would remain for 3 turns?

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I like him, could get more HP when minion dies but otherwise a solid hero. Giving damage to all minions though he hits one target is an interesting idea !

Did you get Bertilla in your 90 EHT?

Both Bertilla and Uraes are very solid, better than next Malicna and Frosth…

If you didnt get Bertilla yet, I would advise you to get her. (Uraeus strenght lies mostly in minions on defense which arent as often anymore)

But it also depends, what featured heroes will be in first custom chamber. If there isnt featured C.Marjana or C.Leonidas, I would wait for february :slight_smile:

I am a bit hypocrite here, since I would also pull for C. Obakan, but that is beacuse I plan to use a defense of Mother North - C.Obakan - Odin - C.Obakan - Mother North.

Obakans role is to provide Mother North with counter attack so she isnt so passive on the wings, and he does that at fast speed.
Odin speeds up Mother Norths.
Odin and two Obakans both do dmg to all at fast speed.
If you clear tanks and flanks, be very sure, 2 mommas will make everything back in order, so you will have to try again :slight_smile:
That is my secret META setup :stuck_out_tongue:


No… just 3 Krampus and 1 Santa :upside_down_face:

Cannot complain about not getting the HotM :sweat_smile:


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I really want him, because I lack both yellows and sorcerers, but I don’t think he’s too strong with his 485% at average mana. Minion damage is situational; Pretty useless outside of raids/war, but a nice bonus.

I hated every time HOtM was released, because I never got it

I saw his pov thumbnail and that was enough for me to pass. But really my views have changed on him. If I want to get a sniper, I rather raise my second c Joon and I have the minion killers like grimble and skadi that can do a way more effective job than him. If I get him, I get him. But won’t chase and besides this game loves giving me hotms, probably will get him anyways

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I think really the only interest shown in Uraeus is that from players who are sitting on a ton of Sorcerer emblems.

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…and didn’t get Krampus


Bertila looks great for fast mana war. Not too sure about uraeus yet.

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