🧪 Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

You’ll just have to reinvent yourself creating a new war strategy. It’s a risky you’re taking only relying on defense debuffers heroes.

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You are probably right. I thought Neith was OP and wanted her to be nerfed, but I was wrong. Got her and she is really underwhelming… hope Jean- François doesn’t suffer the same fate


Might be. Advice me then some strategies, how to create 6 efficient teams without def down.

Would be interesting to try using aegir tank flanked by Black Knight and Jean

First time poster, but a long term reader of these forums…

I find JF a very interesting hero, but whoever believes that he doesn’t require to be slightly nerfed needs a serious reality check.
A fast speed, AOE DOT high damage dealer, with decently balanced (def&hp) stats and two mechanisms of defense, plus 10% crit… You pump this lad with emblems and place him at tank… A perfect recipe for further game imbalance.
I have read previous comments and found interesting, yet differing opinions. So I will give my 2 cents to this discussion:

I am personally fine with his high dmg output. It is what makes this hero special and I wouldnt interfer with his original concept. Yes, he is Gravemaker on steroids, but deals no direct dmg and DOT’s are dispellable if timed correctly. I think this is cool.
However, I would suggest making him a bit more “fragile” to blue tiles and scratch the elemental resistance buff. Everyone mentioned already that Guardian Kong and Anzogh (elemental) offer the same, so instead of completely breaking and abandoning previous heroes with this new type of all-in-one heroes (what JF in reality is), I’d rather they preserve the originality and let players contemplate best combinations for different playstyles.

I find the other mechanism quite refreshing, interesting and good enough to give him (and his alies) additional protection, yet still possible to work around.

Now I come to my most important issue I have with JF and recent HoTMs in general - the hero class!
I honestly can"t understand the continuos obsession devs have with Wizard and Cleric class?! What about other classes, such as Monk (last monk HoTM Drake Lee) or Sorcerer (last sorc HoTM Natalya!!)?
To support my next suggestion I will even add Rogue class HoTM that featured last with Marge, but who in general opinion is considered among top 3 worst heroea in this game. Khiona was the only HoTM before her.

Now, I wouldnt suggest changing JF into Monk class (it would contradict with his protective and resistance mechanisms), but I would find JF as a rogue class very interesting. It would still give him certain protection and survivability, in place of elemental defense, but still trigger deffensive ailments protection (rogue doesnt prevent ailments, only direct dmg).

And if you’re more into visual concept - to whoever saw the leaked picture. A hero with a rappier strikes me more as a melee, than a magic character anyway. Envision him as a rogue arsonist/demolition-musketeer (that could very well be a bomb in his hand) that burns everything around him to the ground.

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I would love him as a glass cannon, reduce his defense sub 700 and migrate to attack. Would make him hit even harder, but he would be very fragile in defense.

As for the classes I fully agree, there is a severe miss-balance in HOTM classes, still waiting for a good Rogue and Paladin (well atleast that one is solved in March is Superwoman groot does not get nerfed). We need more widespread class representation.

Excellent post, was thinking of starting a topic about “classes” and lack of heroes in some and over abundance of heroes in others. I think SG picks the class sometimes so you can’t emblem hero’s as a way of power balance. What I mean is; choosing Miki as a Barbarian full well knowing GM and Cage will be everyone’s choice ( is Miki a Barbarian?). Neith at ranger makes no sense. Monk and Druid is so light with decent tunes if you failed to get the usual suspects etc. Etc.

I think his damage is the pinnacle of his special, but also the weakest point, since it is not immediate, dragging for a few turns and dissipable / curable. Therefore, his recalibration has to be very careful, because an act badly thought out, can lose the effectiveness of Jean.

I found the ideas of some foristas quite intelligent, because they weigh this aspect well. I think a good solution would be to increase the duration of your DOT, this would dilute the damage by turns, giving more chances to dissipate or heal. Maybe in 5 turns. The reduction to 500 in 4 turns is also a good way out.

As for ice defense, it could continue + 94%, but only applied to special skills or continue general, but reduced to + 54%.

This would take him out of the OP, and preserve his versatility. He would remain efficient in any position, especially in the tank.

I’m against the nerf of your defense and life stats. Increasingly we see heroes with well-balanced statistics, like Alice and a few others, I hope we don’t back down on that.


My personal opinion as to why he is so OP is that he is a sign of the power creep that is coming in Season 3. If that is correct, not only does he need to appear unbalanced but have the staying power to compete the rest of the year with newer units that will be at these levels.

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Wait… what?

List of good rogues (imo):
Captain Kestrel

List of good paladins (imo still):
Justice (she’s not the best but still decent and better/more versatile than Ares)

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It’s a good feeling seeing even paying players feeling the pinch.

This is what FTP feel EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I think I will change my stance now.

I want SG to make the new HOTM SO VERY EXTREMELY imbalanced so that everyone will boycott SG

(Is this reverse psychology?)

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Obviously you don’t think paying to get better is worth it… so why not accept that is your decision and embrace the struggle F2p have “every single day”. The whole David vs P2w is a lot of people’s favourite story and your doing it “for real”.

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I think paying to get ahead is a good idea if you can afford it and gaming is your priority. I don’t think lootboxes are a good idea but let’s put that aside for the time being.

Unfortunately I simply don’t have cash.

See how long you can keep paying for new heroes and let’s see who it benefits the most - that is the real question once these new heroes get sky high in stats and specials.

It’s a game of chicken that can’t be won, regardless of whether you pay or not.

My argument is it’s BAD FOR EVERYONE if new heroes go out of control in strength because even seasoned spenders CAN’T keep up

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I’m not really sure if all the heroes will become “useless”.when Mitzuko came out most of us only shot ice specials at her once before realizing hey… hey!!! Maybe we should make sure her reflect isn’t on… didn’t render ice heroes useless thankfully. So, I’m sure we will figure out this guy. My guess is they will make her “very slow” just to appease the masses and stop the out cry.

Firstly, welcome to the forums and congrats on your first post.

With that out of the way, I would like some clarification please:

  1. Anybody believing that Jean doesnt need to be nerfed needs a reality check.
  2. Jean should keep the main aspect of his overpowered ability with the extremely unbalanced damage output AND have his class (which is currently likely chosen as a way to balance him somewhat, as it was for Guin) changed to arguably the best skill class in the game where he will also not have nearly as much competition for emblems.

Choose one, because both cannot be true at once.


Have all of them and bar Alice they dont make the cut with my rooster. They aint bad but they aint top tier either.

@anetho I would’ve thought Marjana is probably better than Alice

Can someone remind me what Alice’s base stats are again, I recall Marjanas being better but could be wrong

Thanks, yeah I dig Marjanas defence x2 plus health over Alice’s even though Alice has the bigger atk stat

Simply check the usage level of Alice vs Marjana to understand that Marj is an outdated hero, she is a good starting sniper but looses her value over Alice who is simply a better utility and sniper hero.

If there are any doubts about usage and understanding which heroes are top tier simply go ahead to titanmafia @Razor has a beautiful report he issues on top hero usage and those are cold hard facts collected from top 100 players.

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