🧪 Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

I don’t understand your point? Fast is still very strong and even though you have the wizard tree I’m pretty gaining x% of damage for each active buff also strengthens his DOT.
Even if it didn’t Guin and GM are terribly strong champs. The tree path will be primarily used to buff his offense which increases his burn and this doesn’t factor in elemental links (pairing him with GM) or Troops.

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Saying that two heroes shared the same class doesn’t count anymore as “balancing them”, many of the most wealthy players already have a 4.80+17 Guinevere with spare emblems yo start leveling a second wizard.


If they see JF to be better than GM, he will surely be nerfed.


He doesn’t gain the damage on his DoT from my understanding. The wizard ability is essentially nothing, but then again he doesn’t need an additional ability because he already has double the best ability in the game


I’m not really sure what the disconnect is here. I’ve never once said that we should only judge defenders by the worst boards. Doing so would clearly be idiotic since vs the worst boards the defense should be winning practically no matter what. Similarly, judging a defender based on the best boards where the offense charges all of their necessary specials exactly when they need/want them charged is clearly every bit as idiotic since the offense should be winning those matches no matter what (short of a catastrophically bad offensive team build). The only matches really up for grabs are the slightly above-average, average, and below average boards. As such, a defender’s ability to secure more of the wins in these scenarios is what any sane person should be considering.

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Of course defining a good or average board is a good starting point.

Because I quickly realised everyone has different understandings of what an average board is lol

Can I just say that, as @Rigs and others like @Mr_Style_Points have said, whoever is assuming:

  1. people have Grazul, or
  2. that good boards are readily available

when analysing JF, may as well not bother making any analysis because that is NOT a proper analysis that reflects the experience of the average joe


If GM and JF are my options, I would choose GM. So pls don’t nerf JF.

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You make a compelling case… any chance you’d care to elaborate?


We all know he’s gonna get nerfed. This is just to get us all talking and our wallets a little bit itchy. The real question is how much? Will it be to a degree that he will become just another Neith?:scream:


we all hope to not make one great hero to absolutely garbage like they make with Neith. Yes JF need little nerf but no too much.


A one man army helps nobody. A few heroes more like Finley or Grave and the game is dead soon. I like diversity and no monsters. I got Gravemaker on release. I don’t like him anymore. He is everywhere since month. In 25 of 30 war defense teams, that’s bleak. We need no new Chuck Norris.


I am not saying that every new hero needs to be GM nor, heavens forbid, anything significantly stronger, but I would strongly support giving the new players a chance at somewhat equally good hero for now and then. On the countrary, to me it seems benificial for the games longevity.


Those who already have their GMs and don’t want stronger heroes, can avoid looting in February. If they accidentally catch a JF in a necessary pull, they can feed their new Bane. I want my JF strong and fast. I have no GM to regret, because he is on all teams. :relieved::smiling_imp:

I have no gm either and hasn’t stopped me from havin a sensible point of view


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Any thoughts on jf?



I like that he has some substantial versatility, vs. a hero like Grimble who seems far more niche.

  • Decently beefy DoT, that I’ve come to think is fairly reasonable given the duration spread, being dispellable, and lack of direct hit

  • Ice Defense is useful when used on Defense as a tank or flank that an attacker might stack against

  • Defense debuff reversal is an interesting off-color counter to Kunchen on Offense

  • Element Link Crit buff is nice for Titans


So in your intelligent opinion, no changes needed?

JF is an excellent hero. I think the level of heroes deserve an up. @zephyr1, in your polite opinion does he deserve nerf?

I think it depends what the basis of comparison is.

My Azlar is kind of moping in the corner, and Vivica is wondering if her Defense buff even matters anymore.

But I don’t think he’s insanely OP vs. the general balance of heroes these days.

No single one of his effects is itself massive, it’s more that it’s a lot for one hero to have. But the defense debuff protection is fairly situational, the Ice Defense isn’t as relevant on Offense, and the Crit buff isn’t as relevant on Defense.

So I think he has good versatility, but which effects are relevant in each situation are fairly balanced.


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