🧪 Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

Thanks @Guvnor. Not what I was hoping to read but oh well. Finley is ridiculous. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you so much for the link. :smiley:

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I’m not seeing JF much in the top 100 and when I’ve fought him, even with 18 talents, I haven’t been very impressed.

I think they overnerfed his burn damage. I mean, it doesn’t make much sense that he only does 302 burn damage when Vela does 208 DOT damage plus 150% direct damage. And now a new HOTM Clarissa does 298 DOT damage plus 135% direct damage!!!

Doesn’t seem right, JF should be doing more DOT damage if there is no direct damage. I think this is another case of over nerfing from beta feedback, kind of like what happened to poor Neith.


And the worst part is , neith is better than JF. The small mana cut and blind is more effective than JF special.


Neith it’s not better then JF, atleast with bad board JF can take you out Neith cant do this, with attack path from talentes and high mana troop JF can make 500 damage for 2 turns, its not the best hero but it’s not and the worst.

LOL, I know I’ve been pretty noisy on the “Neith Needs a Buff” thread - but somehow, I feel she is … marginally better than JF. At least she synergizes well in a yellow stack. JF not so much with Falcon and Wilbur … GRRRR.

Of course I haven’t emblemed JF either … Too many good heroes competing at Wizard. :sweat_smile:

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I dont have JF and cant speak for offense but I can speak for defense, when I face Neith in some defense I dont care so much for her because she cant hurt me with absolutely nothing and even when she fire her specials I dont use cleanser or something like this, every time I live her for last standing hero, but when I ignored JF like this I have problems, if you dont use cleanser or ignore JF he will kill all your heroes without a problem.


Well, I have read through this thread and have come to the following conclusions–

JF is as good as Gravemaker
JF is nearly as bad as Margaret
JF is a middling hero and may not be worth the rings.

I have to decide between him or Santa (or Azlar) and just don’t know what to do…


Congratulations, you have just summed up every hero thread on this forum.


I think it’s worse than usual in regard to JF, though. I’m not sure any other hero they’ve released is as polarizing. Opinions on him might even be more split than on Aegir 2.0, before the consensus slowly came around to liking him.

Honestly, I can’t make up my mind what to think about this guy either. I’m sitting on 11 rings with another right around the corner and I’m still weighing my options.


I think what people said much earlier in this thread is also to blame for the overnerfing. We’ve got to quit being so overzealous.

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I have all 3 leveled. If you need a red Tank or even just a Tank, then definitely Santa. Else it’s a toss up between him and JF. On offense, I personally think JF’s speed gives him the edge.

I find Azlar’s special underwhelming for his mana speed on offense and he is too squishy on defense.

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JF DoT is 2 turns and Vela is 4 turns so JF is doing more damage per turn and Vela DoT is wait for it…more watered down. Even with her initial hit Vela isn’t hitting a whole lot harder than JF when comparing both at 2 turns.

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except , JF can be cleansed = no damage
dot is immune to monk and heroes like Kingston = nondamage
Dot is immune to gazelle and gazul probably Aeron too & other heroes = no damage
Cleansed by number of heroes - no damage
Having the no initial damage and waiting a turn before can do anything and fact it’s not dispellable makes him far inferior to vela.


Well to be fair Gazelle can neutralize most specials regardless of hero. And Monk can reduce status ailments yes, but once again monks do that to all. And yes Kingston is resistant to burn…but being as though I’m not taking JF to fight a Kingston only team I say big whoops. And JF ‘can be’ cleansed but ‘can be’ and ‘will be’ are not the same. In theory JF can be cleansed but in actual practice I have found that more often than not his burn gets the job done. Point of my reply though was in comparing damage between the two heroes not taking into consideration the turns for DoT. And it was not an argument as to who the better hero is as those arguments often boil down to opinion. My point remains true in that JF and Vela apply similar damage when both are at two turns.

Yes but JF’s burn is cleanseable. So there will be situations when you will have a rigard fully charged, wait for JF to fire and you are good. No damage at all. Plus Vela has great synergie with Isarnia in a blue stack and is a killer flank for a green tank with her extra damage and attack debuff vs red(telluria or heimdall i am looking at you, please looke back at me :)))))))). So i think she has higher usability than JF and is a way better hero imo.

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And once again I have to reiterate that I was not saying one is better than the other. The reply only aimed to do one thing and I was clear on that…that their damage output when compared at 2 turns was not vastly different. I really don’t understand why I am having to defend a position I never took as I have never once claimed that one is better than the other :joy:


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Well, you have Zim for fast red cleanser, unlikely they would double that.

Anyways, all requests for changes are wishful thinking now. We know it’s not gonna happen.


I think it would be better for the general public that there are more counters for Tellie 'cause not everyone owns all of them. Also to reduce noises of nerfing her lol.

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