đŸ§Ș Early Information on the February 2020 HOTM (Jean-François)

Thanks, according to the poll then in upper diamond arena 2450+

we shall see more JF than GM by earliest of mid February 2020.

PS. JF burn only 4 not all, since it Kingston’s arena around that level.


It doesn’t realy mean that way, the team you see in raid is only defending team. People with Guin tank are unlikely to use JF on defense due to wizzard class.

Where is Mother North/Alberich?

Which is also a huge GM advantage over him that should not be overlooked. GM’s competing with what, Kage and BK now maybe? And JF needs to beat Guin, Zeline, Onatel, even Sartana or Isarnia. None of which are red that could provide an alternative in defense or stack. Besides, cleanser or Grazul on offense just make him obsolete, just like you almost don’t see Azlar up there.


Anyone may advise who is better, Vela or JF v2?

probably JF? Some still consider him to be good, while I haven’t seen anyone say vela is OP.


Two extremely popular heroes, I see BK surpassing GM once JF comes out.

Other heroes have competitive classes see: The Best Heroes in Each Class guide

I see JF and Azlar as two totally different heroes because of the mana speed difference, also your banking on grazul firing b4 JF and that wont always happen. I do see the point you are making and am happy to be wrong in February

I suspect emblemed JF will appear in people’s defenses, but that’s not his main role.

He is an effective counter to Kunchen and Finley on offense, which are 2 of the best heroes in the game, and provides more than just the burn, which people seem to be stuck on.

I personally think JF adds a lot to the game and nobody wants GM 2.0. I’m fine with people not pulling for him tbh
 (I will def be).


I’m reading Vela do 280% damage to all enemy at fast and JF do 200% damage to all enemy at fast :laughing:. But ppl tend to love JF because they are lazy doing math and only see the number 302 :grin:

It seems you read it incorrectly.

Vela only deal 150% damage to all and 208 DoT over 4 turns.

I have done the math, Vela deal more damage in first turn but JF deal more damage after 2nd turn is over. Vela nees to wait until 4th turn is over to overtake JF.


In fact how many turn you need to charge a fast hero? Isn’t it correct Vela damage to single enemy is the same as Frida after 4 turns?

Finally the only winner is SGG, so I always avoid such kind of comment, it makes no benefit to gamers.

Which lineup you would bring against Kunchen in case you have JF? My fighting against Kun says that with bad board, my very fast hero still charge after Kun.

The longer the turns the higher the disadvantage because it can be cleansed before reaching maximum damage.

The faster it kill enemy is also an advantage because dead enemy cannot be healed. That is why sniper is generally more coveted than hit all.

DoT with lesser turns is more coveted than DoT with longer turns if the total damage is the same.

Not only JF have lesser turn, it also have higher DoT than Vela.

Besides, you don’t even post the correct number:

Do your math!

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May you convert Vela damage to percentage? What is your number, roughly?

Vela damage is percentage

Uhm you don’t get it? If you count both instant damage and DoT after 4 turns: 150% + 208 = x%, what is x? It would help to compare her to Frida :wink:

You can’t really compare Vela vs Frida with percentage because they have different attack stat. But we can compare the actual average damage output.

For example, in the ramming pulverizer trio, Grimm have the highest attack while Gormek the lowest, even though they have 295% damage, the actual output will be far higher for Grimm.

So rather than converting DoT to percentage it is more accurate to convert the percentage to actual average damage and then combine it with DoT.


Agree, consider there are factors like troop, emblems, offense/defense side, buff 
 That’s why I ask for a rough value only. Imo 200 damage is around 150%-200%, combine with the damage calculation, I give a value 280% (even more), it’s way I translate Vela card.

The same applied to JF. Just another perspective about the hero. Actually I use Proteus+19 a lot in raid, he does 393 damages over 3 turns, to me that is small damage and I don’t rely on DoT to kill any enemy. My view is many players are overrating JF DoT.

No that is incorrect. DoT bypass defense, so you have to use average actual damage instead of percentage.

Anyway, isn’t 150% + 150-200% is 300-350%? Not 280%?

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Hope you will understand what I am saying some day :laughing:.

Btw Vela v2: do 280% damage to all enemy.
JF v3 do 200% damage to all enemy.

Ppl underrate vela v1 although 2 version do quite the same damage. Ppl overrate JF v2 although JF v3 do the same damage :grin:

This is just your assumption without mathematical calculation. Show your math.

JF+20 attack route with level 30 mana troop will have around 448 DoT over 2 turns (offense) or 520 DoT over 2 turns (defense).

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