🧪 Early information on the December 2023 HOTM -- Leadria [Part of The Beta Beat V62]

Weird. But sure… I guess that makes sense so the hotm isn’t too good.

So what do people think of this hero, is it worth saving summons for to get, or is it nothing spectacular? I know stuff can change but just the basis of the hero.

I like hathor… Charon… arco… despite the goblins… boosted health is often helpful… and I don’t mind have another hero that can bring that… that also isn’t a 4* with their 4* limitations.

Why does everyone assume that the boosted health will be " per turn"? Since nowhere in the description says so.

That’s how all the other minions who give health to their owners works.

Beta testers on this thread said it worked like that.

1 it says so in the description

It could be better worded

2 I tested it


Glad to see it’s each turn more health. And boosted health I guess. Goblins are gonna go for them though.

I don’t think of her as a defensive hero. Don’t take taunt and use Arco Gaillard etc. But offensively… I can see her causing some havoc.

Seem to me that this hotm is like poorman/cheap version of M&M

  • a bit beefier minion HP and owner better stat
  • Quite poorer recovered-hp/turn (except this guy boosted)
  • Much poorer attack-boost
  • no clean/reflect of the ailments

This HOTM is pretty good for December and has some interesting synergies. Fire her, then Arco, and then Liu Bei you get a nice health boost, beefy minion shield, health boost as long as the lead minion survives, and 60% counter attack with 81% minion health to remove. Against a team without a minion killer it could be fun watching defenses kill themselves before they get to your boosted health. Granted, the only other hero that I can think of that has passive minions is Hulda, and she ain’t no Hulda.

Yeah, fire hippo then earlang and a second copy of earlang (one on each flank) Then use snow white and followed by mi lady… great synergies

I don’t mind being the poor man who gets her :rofl:

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How do you plan to use/synergize her ?
At first i planned to save my EHT for either Lunar / Love (but the HOTMs on Jan/Feb are still not super great too), so would love to know your opinions so that maybe I will use some on Xmas

That’s what I’ve been wondering.

C.Mel can dispel and add a defense buff. You won’t get as much of a heal up front, and there is a turn llimit.
I also use Ptolemy as a green healer when I want ailment protection.
Mother North and Alby are slower, but my heroes when i want res.

Compared to my other options, Leadria provides a larger heal up front (initial heal from 35% minion, plus 200 health at end of turn) and in the long term.
A little extra special skill damage is nice, but nothing I plan on banking on.

So Leadria is ideal when I need a healer against a team that requires neither dispel or ailment protection (or passive cleanse). That limits her value already. I don’t think of too many teams that fit this raw power description where another healer may not provide more value.

She will come with an additional stat boost that can be helpful. She can be a solid depth healer. She does boost health, which may be the primary benefit.

But I’d be more likely to use C.Mel (and I don’t have his second costume yet).

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Perhaps this guy could be an indirect counter to Fiends (e.g. the current Opera event) since if the minions stay for 5 turns, it should always eliminate the generated Fiends

Or if 2023 family bonus is mana boost, i can see him a good pair to R&N though off-color … However, perhaps we get only basic defence boost for 2023 family bonus :sweat_smile:

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