🧪 Early information on the December 2022 HOTM -- Balur [Part of The Beta Beat V52]

Wow, this hero is extremely underwhelming. I expected this one to be bad because in December, there’ll new heroes in the seasonal portal in addition to the other Christmas heroes.
However, like @CertainHeredity pointed out, most hotm heroes during seasonal events weren’t very good. For reference:

Event HOTM
Christmas 2018 Evelyn + Onatel
Easter 2019 Anzogh
Sand Empire 2019 Ranvir + Seshat
Morlovia 2019 Kingston
Christmas 2019 Grimble
Easter 2020 Malosi
Sand Empire 2020 Rafael + Noor
Morlovia 2020 Zulag
Christmas 2020 Reuben
Easter 2021 Frosth
Sand Empire 2021 Elradir + Devana
Morlovia 2021 Russell
Christmas 2021 Hanitra
Easter 2022 Zagrog + Silvaria
Sand Empire 2022 Kara + Arfanias
Kalevala 2022 Arfanias + Klaern
Morlovia 2022 Celidana
Christmas 2022 Balur

Raffaele was in June, Sand Empire in July/August (Noor+Zocc).
But it supports your thesis, as Noor was worse than Raff…

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A question though about the passive. I think it was Zagrog ( brain not cooperating so may be wrong) that couldn’t get attack ailments or buffs. Have they changed it for this so it’s only ailments this time round? Do you think they’d make that update for Zagrog too?

Zagrog can’t be affected by attack down stacks. I assume this guy would

A big MEH from me. I’m always looking forward to the HOTM and it’s color because some I’m a lot weaker than others. Throwing a turd of a Blue out there is going to make me wait another 5 months hoping the next Blue is interesting. This one is a snooze.

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My sentiments exactly… I hope I’m missing something because this guy isn’t worth the feeders or the scopes… Though i do have gaillard… So redundant.

I really like my hanitra… Don’t put her in this group with those two.

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My December HOTM ranking, if Balur is going to be released like this:

  1. December 2018: Evelyn
  2. December 2019: Grimble
  3. December 2021: Haniitra
  4. December 2020: Reuben
  5. December 2017: Perseus
  6. December 2022: Balur

Balur is even worse than Perseus, which is terrible.


I think Grimble is starting to edge out Evelyn since so many heroes can do what she does… But otherwise… Spot on.


Another crap blue HOTM.

This hero might have some tiny bit of worth if the heal was on inflicting bleed instead of bleed damage, as it might be able to become a healing machine in a dedicated team. But heal on bleed means at most 100 heals per turn, on the end of your opponent’s turn.

As it is, it’s just blatantly punishing f2p and c2p who save coins for christmas.

Very legit point. “People are already spending on pulls for Christmas event, let’s offer soul exchange food”. This damn game thinks they can slip anything by the stupid consumer.

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Awful HOTM. With so many excelent epic ice heroes the only use i see for this 5☆ HOTM is to keep it until soul exchange.

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I just noticed the special skill’s name is “Double Flail Mayhem”. They missed the opportunity to make him like Zekena or Kullervo. Double flail? Hello?

I am actually fine if he’s normal and deals an additional 500% to another enemy.

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The Creativity is reserved for the twenty new events they plan to dump regardless of community input, especially any doing Beta testing. HOTMs are now S1 heroes apparently.

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Sounds its a ritual for december hotms
December 2017 meh
December 2018 evelyn she’s ok (green DD is cool though )
December 2019 grimble meh too except lately against minions
December 2020 red zombie i cant write his name or i will puke
December 2021 hanitra she’s ok but too passive
December 2022 a little buffed richard…meh

If he was fast, he would still be a bad hero.


Food for SE.

20 characters.


Morlovia will start in October and end in middle of November.
So two HoTMs are obtainable during that event.


Soul exchange fuel, again.
Its getting boring.