🧪 Early information on the December 2021 HOTM -- Hanitra

Inari’s dodge is also significantly higher, at 56%!

She isn’t up to tests 🤷

There’s no doubting the useful nature of the dodge, but she doesn’t offer much else. Still, I would level her. She’s like C.Kadilen, without the bite. Here’s my full review. Thanks.


I think she is going to be really annoying to face against on defense. If I am interpreting her “special skill block” passive skill correctly, she will resist Lepiota and Miki outright; she is monk class, and therefore has a chance to resist any negative status thrown at her. We haven’t even delved into her special skill ability, and already I can see the annoyance factor with her – the dodge ability is super annoying to go up against, and she is running at fast speed to boot!

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Honestly didn’t find her too powerful on defense, but she is good to great on offense depending on who you pair with. Buff heavy teams really gets her rolling.

She needs to have some heal (not on dodge) otherwise she will NOT be used… just another hero at 3/70.
She is TILE DUMP HERO, charge your heroes and kill them all one by one by filling mana on her, its even worse then reposite. Actually, worst hero you can put in defence at all, MAYBE just maybe at wing where she have no effect anyways.

Her elemental link could be handy on defence in January. I mean, if there will be another 2021 HOTM on your team, her dodging will heal entire team 10% more

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Stop thinking defensively and start thinking offensively. Not all heroes are meant for defense. In fact there are just a handful of heroes that are the meta defenses, all others are tiles dumpers so…


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