🧪 Early information on the August 2022 HOTM -- Tahir [Part of The Beta Beat V49]

Great point about Nemo indeed guys.

Anyway this hotm seems to be too good to be alive like we see it now. Not saying that its OP, just too solid for all the latest hotms standards we all know.
Expecting crippling move right before it will go up, Yang Mai sending best regards lol


Is this 336 bleed damage each turn for 3 turns or 336 bleed damage OVER 3 turns?

This hero puts Nemo to absolute shame and it’s a lowly HOTM. Nemo is the worst hero in this game. Worse than Exeera. Worse than Mok Arr. Worse than Jade for gods sake! I’d like to see SG metrics on Nemo. LOL.


Im still waiting for a red healer hotm, was hoping that mybe next one…

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I’m wondering the same thing myself.


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Sadly, it is not. Costume chambers will be May (Kara :+1:), July (:stuck_out_tongue:), September (Grace, looks pretty good), and November (TBA). and yep, i’m with you, costume chamber is my best source of free pulls that could potentially net me a HotM.


Ya had to pull the scab off that wound again, huh? Darnit.

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During the battle the Elemental link is Undispellable.
So I reported a bug about the improper description.

Side note about the Damage over time.
It depends on the attack value.
So it will be lower at 4/80.

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exactly what I was gonna say lol, don’t get TOO excited, all the rave reviews might cause this hero to get nerfed before release :stuck_out_tongue:

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Cross posting my beta feedback:

If you are currently using a faster red sniper, Tahir could easily be an upgrade. I like him. Top players won’t need him. But many could use him.

decent hotm. similar to capitan nemo but much more useful.

This is another strong argument for SGG to abandon the stupid idea of showing the hero at the preview with LB and emblems…

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Omg Nemo is rolling in his grave

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No matter how they will release this hero he will be much better with a mile from Nemo.

Could be a nice feature paired with El Duque

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Good to know I am not alone @Math-Teacher and @Sam-I-Am :hugs: Aw, a shame about the Chamber not being active there, but best of luck from the other summons you might do in that month, I hope they bring you what you are after! :four_leaf_clover:

would a defense down or a EDD be considered a status ailment in the game?


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That makes Tahir even better

Tahir about this hero now will allow players to save up EHTs for free summons in August.