🧪 Early information on the August 2021 HOTM -- Chakkoszrot

I don’t like this comment.

I love it!

I was actually coming here to post something very similar.

I like new mechanics that are added and skills which require you to play differently. Elradir and Myztero are two heroes where you need to make the opponent play the specific skills you want - but only once you are ready for them. Elradir got mainly bad reviews specifically because of the thought process that in today’s meta it is all about quickly killing the opponent and avoding their specials completely. If you are getting hit then you may already be in trouble.

With most of my teams I don’t play that way. I typically go through multiple iterations of specials and manage the specials coming in (either through mana control or healing). I think that is why I enjoyed playing with Elradir so much. And I think Chakky will be similar - the fact that I need to encourage the opponent to fire Odin/Sif, whilst having enough health/defense to manage that, and also having Chally ready to fire - that requires strategy and timing and that sounds fun to me. Bring on the lizard.


Ooohhh yeeeah,

exactly! Elemental debuffer, sniper… repeat!

i don’t like this comment.

i love it!

i appreciate that you know your roster and playstyle well enough to be able to see how heroes can fit into your schemes. that’s exactly how i felt when i first read about Elradir in beta months ago. my greens don’t have a cleanser, so he would slot right into my green team, and he helped stabilize my greens on my roster to the point where i have a second green team now just by adding him.

i don’t know that Chakkoszrot will have the same impact for me, but he seems like a fun hero because of the other parts of his special. i think people are falling into the same trap with this lizard as they did with Elradir: they hone in on one specific part of the special and completely disregard the other parts. if you have C. Sabina or Onyx, you know how valuable “All enemies are immune to new buffs” is! and considering how many people regularly use C. Rigard, the elemental link is not a small matter either.


I understand that the -54% enemy mana reduction is only for enemies that have a mana boost applied in that case it no longer looks like a beast to me.
In case of applying that reduction to everyone without more, it is a Beast.

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I wish his mana slow can be applied to any forms of mana gen, so he could be a direct counter to those OP slayers next month

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Yeah most likely they are not affected by this mana generation decrease…
Unfortunately we couldn’t test this in Beta, as this HoTM was not in Beta during V40 testing…

I’d love the September HOTM to have a Special like Wilbur but instead of “shared damage” it’s +mana generation for both teams… That way, u fire the September hero first, then fire Chakk… Your team would get +mana generation & you’d cripple the enemy mana generation for 3 turns, AND they wouldn’t be able to receive new buffs for 3 turns also!!

I’m looking forward to this one because I’ve run out of purples to work on that I find interesting, though I have more of them than any other color at 1/1. Aegir, Zulag, Myztero (Sorry Homa) Malicna and Obakan. I also have Victor and Clarissa at 3/70.

If either healer was a heal all they’d be top of the list but I’m better off limit breaking Rigs or Sabina as I don’t have any of the good purple 5* healers.

This one looks to fit better into my roster so I’ll save the next tabs for him most likely.

I know some love Malicna but I’ve got her to emblems on one of my alts and I just don’t enjoy using her, but there she’s my only purple so :man_shrugging:

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(cough) check Aegir’s element…

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(I think he means Aeron…)

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I think he didn’t realize we talk about him. @Shunt

That is the problem.

He is too slow to catch up with the fast mana buffers and most of the time he will be just AOE slow damage dealer.

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I feel like the innate is inferior to elradir’s. El’s innate can actually turn the tide around in a pinch.

Yes I did mean Aeron thank you :relaxed:

As Myztero’s official representative I am deeply offended


I really prefer Malicna to this HOTM. Faster, emblem class is less busy for me, superior element link, good damage to 3, and I find that she is one of my most fun heroes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I get that her random casting of Alternatives isn’t ideal. The thing is, I do have a great team to help her shine. And for me, it is the random Alternative casting that I find fun. :crazy_face:


My problem on the alt accounts I have to use her with tibs and it’s not a good combo with overwriting problems the random thing means it’s almost always a bad outcome. I really have zero interest in using her on main account after my poor experiences with her.

If you really want to use C Tibs with her then trigger her first.

  1. Big d down - hold C Tibs for a few turns
  2. Small d down - trigger C Tibs, he gets a bigger hit, and everyone else gets his regular D down
  3. a down - trigger C Tibs, everyone gets his regular D down, and as a bonus enemy has A down (and it does make a difference)

I have actually phased C Tibs out for the most part but that is how I used to play with them. These days I do minimal stacking and for Malicna that means either 2 or 3 (because I still want to utilise her elemental link, which is excellent). Her combined with a 3-hitter like Dr Oreo is pretty effective. G Panther would of course round that out nicely, if you have her


Oh I know HOW to do it it’s just sub optimal and not fun.

The alts are ftp with limited rosters so it’s just a bad situation. Still have 15 tabs there since she’s the only purple 5* on that account

I see. Tibs. :sweat_smile:

20 char

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