🧪 Early information on the August 2021 HOTM -- Chakkoszrot

As of now, only 4* Triton has a healing boost and that was 39%. 10% would feel like it’s nothing


Previous HotMs with elemental link healing only do 4% which in my experience is enough to make a difference in tight situations. 10% is quite the upgrade.

In my view you’re expecting too much from an elemental link…30% heal is a primary or secondary skill as opposed to being appropriate for an elemental link.


Let’s remember this is a 10% buff to healing and not a heal itself

A one time heal from a 40% healer will result in about the same heal as one turn of that 4% heal elemental link.

This is by far the worst elemental link. I would much rather have the 5% buff that first came around even as tiny as it is.


Oh…in that case I agree it’s a pretty naff elemental link.


thanks. people were replying me and I was like “wtf are you talking about?!” lmao

10% healing bonus… like… it will only apply to same element heroes and you gotta fire your healer in the right time. for 10%.

I’d rather have something like sorcerer class:

“10% chance to cause -30% defense/attack/mana generation for 2 turns after dealing any normal damage. The effect is applied at the end of the turn. This element link lasts for 4 turns.”

Yep, sounds like it :laughing:

I like the look of him, especially when facing Sif & Odin. Here’s my full (early) review.


Last part of his name “szrot” in Polish means “junkyard” :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Sorry SG but personally, can’t pronounce his name without putting accent at that particular word :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:


lol a slow hero to counter fast odin or even sif in these new raid formation?
they will fire once or twice especially odin before you can charge chakky, most likely you will be dead or almost dead if you dont get a good board

if you manage to get a good board to charge chakky before odin or after only he charges once, that mean you would have won anyway with other heroes, you didnt need him


Yep, that slow mana is the problem; would have been nice if he was Average. But to be fair, imv he’s designed to go off after them:

‘All enemies with a (dispel-able) mana generation buff currently active, receive -54% mana generation for 4 turns.’

I think he is supposed to punish them after they hit off. But who knows if that will work. It’s a bit of fun speculation on my part!

Also, with heroes like him, if they turn out to be valuable enough to warrant it, play another quick healer to keep them alive. Like our Lady of the Lake. Once she fires, it can spell game over.

Edit to add: I do agree with you, he’s slow in a fast world. It most likely won’t work, but I like to think he’ll be useful to players who find a way to fit him into their lineups.


Sounds like a job for the sheep!

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He/it is situationally great. Namely drop him into one of my grimble teams facing a team with bera or freya and Odin or sif… which is quite common. Get your 9 tiles just before, at the same time or just after sif/Odin go off and you basically lock in the result. I’d max him for that scenario, probably


Just as you say, if he can be managed to stay alive & hit at the right time, it could be all over.

I remember pulling little John as a newbie, with his -64% mana. Chakkoszrot, as it currently stands, has -54% (for those with buffs), which can’t be dispelled. Plus the ‘ All enemies are immune to new buffs’.

And he has the potential to speed up his mana if subject to ailments.
I’d like to try him out to see if I can make it work - I think you need the right team around him. I play 3/2 Holy/Dark… he would fit…

He’s not the worst HotM I’ve seen… just can’t tell how good he is yet.

I was thinking the same… or Brynhild with her +24% mana generation for 3 turns. I don’t have Toxicandra, the green 5* healer, but she would work too -she also provides a slight mana boost.

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So for him best counter would be old fashioned fast snipers without fancy add-ons.

Combined with costumed Kiril (to be fired only before couple of sniper shots) then the mana generation buff for ailment will not matter.

Teams like:
Kiril, Sartana, Marijana, Joon, Lianna

These teams should work for very fast tournaments too.

Unlike, Alfrike where you need heroes that resist mindless attack ailment or you are generally screwed and not capable of casting special, he will be just very fast damage to all.

It is dangerous but there are better AOE slow damage dealers out there, so with couple of healers and straight snipers, perhaps Isarnia in the mix, he should not be that big of a problem.

Probably Isarnia (with Costume for stat bonus only) is better than him for very fast tournaments.

May be he will be better for buff buster tournament.

They should have made him like:
“all enemies with mana generation buff”
so he can catch all mana links that can not be dispelled, then he could be very useful

He seems good but the conditions with his special for -54% mana generation limits his use.

He could be an excellent counter for Odin but the mana speed difference is a problem.

Yes, he could speed up with ailment but this is only if he is on raid defense.

On raid offence (generally defense team charges faster) and there is no guarantee that he will get ailment, he would probably be far behind Odin, perhaps too far to help.

For very fast tournament, yes, he works.

I guess Sif, Odin and Brynhild would be in danger in a very fast tournaments.

I know now. We finally have a counter for Khagan and Boss Wolf. :smiley:


Might have a chance of working for raiding if he was average, then would become ‘faverage’ (9 tiles) after firing for 3 turns or fast with a mana troop. But at slow I think he would be plain dead, at least that’s my most common experience with slow heroes in diamond raiding.
Sure in VF tournament and war he will be great, but that’s too niche for me. If I was starting out and got him then of course I would be chuffed! :slightly_smiling_face:

What a trashy hero in comparison to many current available heroes. No money for empires this month

I like him! I love tricky ones.
To me “complicated=funny”.
Is he for all, he will shine in every competition or tournament or raid? Nope

But he forces me to find synergies and niches and I love this.

I am so tired about plain snipers and so on…


I’m not great on theorycrafting, so I can’t work out whether I’ll find this lizard useful or not (assuming his stats and abilities are pretty much fixed in stone at this point). I’ll just do my usual sort of summons for the month, i.e. a dabble in any portal that has something I fancy, and if a black lizard turns up I’ll be happy because I hate to miss out on a HOTM, even a weak one. If it turns out to actually be good it might even get levelled. In any case it will look good in my collection. (Not that I know what it looks like yet, but my collection includes four killer clowns and Buddy of the luminous teeth, so the lizard will have to go some to bring that down.)

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