🧪 Early information on the August 2021 HOTM -- Chakkoszrot

i see plenty of Ariel. way more than Boss Wolf. only times i see Boss Wolf are in the challenge event he’s a part of and a random Rush Attack war defense.

and this is what i mean when i say “trap.” the focus is on one part of a hero’s special, to the exclusion of the rest. depending on the circumstances, you can also just fire the special and do the damage to an opponent. mana generation buffs/ debuffs won’t matter if opponents are dead.

even a well-regarded hero (no pun intended) like Rigard suffers from situational indecision: do i wait a turn to cleanse an inevitable ailment that’s coming this turn, or do i heal now to ensure survivability beyond this turn? it’s a part of the game, and nearly every hero runs into that kind of strategic pitfall.

but plenty of Sif and Odin teams have Bera or Freya or both or some other minion caster like Frosth.

plenty of players do just that to avoid killing them quickly and getting mana reduced.

there’s no one hero that can or should be a one-hero wrecking crew. i’m not a rainbow raider or a 2-1-1-1, but i’m sure plenty of other people in this forum who regularly raid in Diamond with those strategies can tell you about solutions they’ve found for Frigg and Odin. iirc, there’s an entire thread dedicated to the topic, or maybe it was just Frigg.


Yes, because with Grimble it’s to my advantage to have them die last. And my win percentage is far higher than when I went 3/2 yellow against them.

Forget getting amazing HotM anymore. That’s a thing of the past it seems, as portals likely generate far more revenue and are far more controlled.

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Against a team with Bera he would have a constant +24% mana boost until Bera & her minions are dead. There are plenty of defenses that use Bera + Sif or Odin. I would say he is definitely more useful on offense.

But compared to elradir, who is better?

All I can tell you is that 3 elradirs are better than 3 chakkies


Chalky still has to work for his mana gen. El just gains it by existing

If Chak have all enemies mana down, it would be like a five star version of little John. It’s really the conditional that gets me.

True, that makes elradir able to work as an independent agent.

Chakkie working with grimble would be quite deadly though - but tricky vs sif as he will explode when hitting her shield, but dispelling it would take away his mana flip.

So to make it viable I would have to get lord loki to replicate sifs shield so it protects chakkie when he hits her and flios the mana. Then plenty of time to work the board and restock on mana for healing and finishing off. Without some kind of strategy for protecting him against the sif hit he would just become a kamikaze warrior

Him with Lidenbrock would be a good combo against a team with Bera. Basically until Bera & her minions are dead he would have +24 mana regen. Plus Lidenbrock would provide constant over healing with an additional 10% to dark heroes with his elemental link. Blocking new buffs would probably happen more than the flipping of a mana boost, but if timed right his special would cripple an opponent.

After seeing the design, it seems with Isshtak, Kashhrek, and Chakkoszrot, they attempt to mimic Aztec naming without using real Aztec name.

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Well, it does sound like Quetzalcoatl and I am wondering that one isn’t used yet, it’s not like it’s under trade mark …

Did you read his passive skill? Once he picks up a status ailment he stops being slow due to that 3 turn +24% mana generation.

He is absolutely situational, but not always slow!

But by the time he got ailment, he might be in critical condition.

Having said that, if I get him, I will still max him because I have abundance of Royal Tabbards. I can afford to raise a niche 5* purple.

I think he still has a definite place and I’d like to get him. I’m just finishing Quintus for VF wars. Would happily use this guy instead.

Not the very first purple I’d suggest someone to level but relevant enough in different areas that if you have a few purples already he would be a nice addition.

In my case for example he would be competing with Khiona, Thoth and Aeron for next tabards and would get used ahead of my Quintus and Domitia in attack teams.

On rush, he absolutely ruins enemy mana gen. Sad that c yunan got hard countered this quickly

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He didn’t needed that buff block - without that, he could be average. Because we have costume Sabina already.

But of course they wouldn’t give us a counter for Odin as a HOTM like that.

He’s ok, considering last HOTMs we can’t expect much. Last really good one was Devana.

That was 12 hours ago…


Really? Don’t you tell me

Please talk about the lizard King in the thread below… Yeah im saying its a he as a fellow reptilian kinda sense this stuff :green_heart: :turtle:


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