🧪 Early Information on the August 2020 HOTM (Zocc)

Yes. Please…

New Bitmap Image

Is this skill a double whammy against the opponent team? Or an “I riposte myself!” Kamikaze attack?

Off-topic and regardless, thank you @zephyr1 for giving us new stuff to discuss.

With his 265% damage.
(Even the Hatter still hit harder than him)

  • Deals 370% damage to the target and minor damage to nearby enemies.
  • Steals all the dispellable buffs from the enemies and randomly allocates them on the allies.

So I guess this HOTM only good with Mindless attack. That’s it. Nothing special. (Just hope you don’t aim it to Cleric class or you will regret!!!)

To me personally, I won’t take him in Mono team cause Mono Green is for sure 1 Eve with 3/4 sniper with only 9 tiles game.

Probably he can be useful on rainbow team. But he really needs a buff. Big buff

I think he is not worth Tonic for long time.
As we got lots of sniper in Green. And even Gregorion hit like a truck 400+% something.

Green has a lot of sniper already. And all we need is just def down 5* tho.

definitely not chasing this guy! The HOTM seem to be getting worse they are turning in to a joke.


Frigg looks to you)

As for Zocc - if enemies are fighting, he is better 5* Merlin. Good at least at 3/70.
If he is get a counterattack - he is a very bad hero.

It’s better if it’s HOTM cause the chance getting HOTM is much higher than you chase Frigg.

And yet Frigg is getting nerf for the % def down so the def down is based on your Green board (so you won’t get lots of def down after using 9 green tiles on board cause probably you just have few green tiles left)

@zephyr1 can you expain Zocc’s 170% hit? Is mindless attack target hit mindless attack caster, or Zocc’s target hit Zocc?

Lets celebrate the hattrick of 3 silly hotms in a row.
Lets hope some love will be delivered.
So far it looks that Clarissa will be last solid hotm.


Like others have said: wait, what? I had to look at the mana speed again, I thought maybe this hero was Very Very Fast or something

And also:

Kingdom Hearts reference??!?!?

It’s this, just like the card says.

In my first round of testing, Zocc took 154 damage from Black Knight +18 with a Level 27 Mana Troop, and 266 damage from Seshat +18 with a Level 29 Mana Troop.


F***ing useless HoTM) Will try to catch Hansel next Grimforest again)

It will be more fun is mindless attack target gives a payback to mindless attack caster) It is fun and then Hero will be worth average)

I’m not sure I follow, that is what it does.

Ah… Let me get this straight
So this is really really a big big big disadvantage?

I should just put Merlin then

Have you ever tried to keep Merlin alive against heavily-Emblemed 5*? :thinking:


You said than Zocc’s Target hits Zocc.

I mean this:

  1. Zocc hits Telluria.
  2. Telluria mindlessly hits Vela
  3. After mindless attack is gone, Vela hits Telluria for 170% damage.

Yep. Merlin full emblem is much more useful Tho. (Cause my fully Emblem Proteus survived so I can assumed Merlin is gonna survived too with full Emblem)
And he doesn’t have any disadvantage like this HOTM.

And let me guess “Both have (Same) % output damage?”
Okay just checked it 220-250 compare to 265.

And when the Mindless attack finished, Zocc get hit by 170%??? By the enemy who got mindless attack?

I should really think they should make a mechanic.
If the person got mindless attack and full Mana hit others… the others is also in Mindless attack.

That should be fun

Ah, I see what you mean.

Yes, that would be an interesting mechanic.

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Merlin is fun but Proteus is better at Mana control. Same here, this hero could be fun but Hel seems better. Rogue has very few heroes so might be an interesting roster choice if it didn’t have that 170% in back damage

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Can you propose it to SG?

On Average it will not be OP)

Too weak if the 170% goes back to Zocc. Even if the damage goes to the affected target he’s not much stronger than Merlin.
Also water resistance is pretty weak for now, since there’s only one hero with water damage

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