🧪 Early Information on the August 2020 HOTM (Zocc)

Well, it is indeed like that even in italian, so it is not a translation issue.

Could be a semantic or indeed a bug.
Good point.

Now that skills are becoming more and more specific and strange, interpretation issues are becoming more frequent lately.


Thank you for the clarification! You confirmed my thoughts. I was inclined to think so. ))) I’m starting to like this character even more. It will make many people think with their heads before they shoot. I love such heroes. ))))

I hate them. I don’t like the idea of ​​having heroes with specific or limited uses, due to the immense difficulty in obtaining the ascension items, which today are almost impossible to obtain.

I think Zocc will be a B grade hero. Not great but not bad. Better offensively than defensively. Well balanced stat wise. I think he should’ve been fast mana with his limited sniper attack at 300% damage. While mindless attack is set up well with the mana bonus to the target, it lacks punching power as I never see mindless attack do what it’s meant for. Overall I’d say he’s mid tier in the 5* green. I’d probably ascend Atomos LotL, Elk over him though.

I do enjoy the fact that it’s another green hotm so boards will be bare for red tiles. Kind of like last month when blue tiles were no longer available.

I hate being negative about HOTM’s, but just as I was about to say that Zocc seemed like a 5* version of Hansel, I remembered that Hansel is fast mana.

Not sure about this one…

Too many fast green snipers. Also green team needs to have synergy with Evelyn. If average mana, won’t work well. For 4-1 formation, Telly is already a good addition.

Not worth going for this. Better to ascend Lianna and get her costume.


Link for zocc special : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vkkWoSjplwA

Link for zocc full image : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pfM767lkkAI

Note: got from YouTube : Neo

SG never fail in hero design and special but what about hero’s skill ???

Evelyns for everyone! Lianna costumes for everyone! Today, free Evelyns, tomorrow free everything! Workers unite!


What are you doing? My monitor, keyboard, and all the papers on my Desk are now splattered with coffee. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

If I shoot Zooc early on a target. Can I throw stones to complete the mana for random attack? Like Merlin and Hansel ?. If the target is ready to shoot, can Zooc stop it?

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Yes. You can do both. :slight_smile:

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Please move the discussions to this place:

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We have Almur now for the -54% defence down against green.

i love his look, but he really sucks! 5star Merlin and can be dispeled, what???

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I’m polar opposite. I hate his artwork. But I can see his use on offense with a lvl23 mana troop. He isn’t the worst HOTM (see Noor), but he is definitely average or below average.

The best thing about him is that elemental link. That is pretty powerful.


That def against special link only looks good on paper, QoH has a stronger one to get 700 instead of 900 damage from a common 5star sniper. The only percentage i take seriously are the general att/def up or down. :slightly_smiling_face:

Almur can also work. Lianna is so easy to get.

This HOTM is simply too slow and weak.

Always think long term. Lianna is not someone can can easily be replaced. Because she is fast.

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No, it’s REALLY good, at least in my opinion. I have Clarissa and Noor and that elemental link is the best one released thus far. It helps survivability on stacks greatly. Noor still otherwise stinks, but that’s another thread.

Zocc is now live. Please continue your discussions here:

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