🧪 Early Information on the August 2020 HOTM (Zocc)

He’s been updated.

Self damage removed.

Deals 320% to the target
The target now casts mindless attack on a random ally when mana is full during 3 turns.
Elemental link.


5* Merlin - good, but emblemed Hansel is better, because is fast.

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I had Merlin emblemed up to +20, but his average speed was real drawback. I tried him couple times against yellow tanks (good old days :slightly_smiling_face:), but he didn’t perform well. This hero is not only average, but his special fires back on him eventually, that’s not a good design imho. Generally, I really don’t like snipers with average mana and low special modifier and this hero is just like that. Not fan.

Now he is not firing back due to new round, one tester said.

@rilian I see lol. Well, still too weak hit, too slow speed :slight_smile:

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Beta Update

As @Aabbott21 noted earlier, Zocc has returned to Beta with two updates:

  • Direct damage increased from 265% to 320%

  • The damage dealt back to Zocc after Mindless Attack is removed has been eliminated; this line was removed from the Special Skill: When Mindless Attack status effect is removed, the target deals 170% damage back to the caster.

I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly.


Now we are talking. I could use this HOTM.


Yea, that’s the 5 star Merlin we deserve.

A bit too familiar to regular Merlin now if you ask me, but hey, if it’s good we’ll take it.


Now he is okay for players who have a level 23 mana to assign him.
For the rest, Hansel is still slightly better because of his speed and hence having a real chance to counter the tank before he fires.

But Hansel is made of paper compared to any 5 star really… No way to use him on diamond raids.

I get the point of comparing specials, but I would be careful saying any 4 star is better than a 5 star (unless you compare Mist to Guardian Owl or Costume Rigard to Mok-Arr etc…).

500 emblems and Hansel will become like TC20 unemblemed 5*.


Lol many 4* stars are usable in the diamond league even against top 100 defense… Hansel is one of them


LOL. I use 2 Hansels battling Telly tanks. Hansel may die easily, but they are revived with Albe from the left wing.

The pro with Hansel is that he is fast but leaves the target enemy mana at 50%. And since the enemy mana is half full, you can exploit the Witch Killer 2 more times by dumping tiles to the target hero to cause it to fill mana and hurt himself again.

The pro with Merlin is that the mana of the target enemy goes to zero but at average speed. The mindless attack hits other living hero at random but not the one afflicted with it or hits self if there no other other living allies.

Unemblemed, both heroes easily die. But a 5 star hero has far more stats that its 4 star counterparts. With this recent changes, this HOTM may still be a viable hero to be drawn.

Major improvement over the first iteration and yet…meh. Zocc doesn’t kill, barely does damage at all at average mana. Sure Zocc provides mana control on one hero and the heavy tickle of mindless attack IF mana is maxed during the three turn duration.

Lianna > Zocc in all circumstances that I can think of at this moment
Lianna is slightly less durable but is two tiles faster and does significantly more damage, toss-up as to which lives to fire 1st time more often. I believe that Lianna has better chances of firing a second time due to mana speed (four tile advantage).

Within Rogue Class
Just within my roster, emblems go to G Jackal and Brynhild before Zocc, in part because they NEED emblems but I also believe that they provide greater utility. Scarlett too because she is one of the few red heroes with a decent attack stat for titans. I did not do a definitive search for all Rogues, these three were just off the top of my head.

Peters is an excellent 4* green rogue who silences, one of only two I believe (the other being Miki of course). His fast speed more than makes up for his somewhat middling stats, and he pairs quite well with Hansel - if both charged, fire Hansel first, if can’t fill up their mana within 3 turns, fire Peters to buy an additional 3 turns.

A fair few heroes have “Mindless Attack” with no explanation for it.
What is it exactly?

When their mana is full instead of discharging their special they do slash damage on an ally. The damage is small the real benefit is that it reduces their mana to zero.


Yes only 1 and he is Merlin. It works like Hansel but, instead drop mana to half, it is drop mana to zero, and do slash attack to random on their ally.

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Alfrike had mindless attack too.


Make him fast and he’d be perfect. Not OP but really good and useful. Make him very fast and people will definitely chase him.


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