🧪 Early information on the April 2021 HOTM Frosth

Am I the only one who is bored and tired of minions?
Health boost, sure ok, but minions just make games be very slow especially on fast heroes. You are constantly having to kill the minions and wait for the minions to attack you. it slows gameplay so much and it’s just a huge bore.


I was wrong above. The way it’s written…This dude summons a minion-and then boosts it, too.

A second cast would create a second minion-one boosted twice and one boosted once

A third cast yields one minion boosted x3, a second minion boosted x2 and a minion with one boost.

Additional SS would kick out the super powerful minion (assuming it’s still alive) and create the scenario above.

So the pinnacle would be:

Minion #1 w/ 3 boosts: 272 attack 383 hp
Minion #2 w/2 boosts: 210 attack and 295 hp
Minion #3 w/1 boost: 161 attack and 227 hp

Comparing some of the stronger heroes that give a minion to all allies…

Hero minion inherited attack/health Hero attack/health
Freya 20%/20% 766/1339 (*120% attack to other minions): 153 attack 268 hp (184 attack boosted)
Noor 25%/25% 704/1314: 176 attack 329 hp
Bera 20%/20% 743/1369: 149 attack 274 hp
Tele 13%/13% 613/1425: 80 attack 185 hp
Delilah 16%/13% 737/1345: 118 attack 175 hp

Fro’s minions start at 161 attack and 227 hp. Similar to Freya’s buddies with a bit less hp.

Fro’s 3x boosted minions (272 attack/383 hp) are even sturdier than Noor’s birds with a higher attack stat. Fro can create the strongest minion we’ve seen. This is unlikely, though (minion deaths, not being able to fire Fro 3x times) but firing twice creates a minion nearly as sturdy as Noor’s with a bit more attack.

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