🧪 Early information on the April 2021 HOTM Frosth

Granted if they fire at the same time. on offence you’re playing minion stall with a lack of firepower. So the added health is a compensation to this tactic. And if they’re on defence, it’s either frosth fires first or Freya fires first. By then the minions health would have been withered down already. So it’s really not a big deal in the long run. But that’s just me, as I mostly use frigg against Freya to counter her Defence up in the minion meta. I would think he’s preferably on flank position because he’s too valuable to die first as tank. And this would also make auto minion killers like grimble and Noor be more relevant.

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You know what, I changed my mind, scrap my three minion idea because what they did was really a balance move on him, as in to give everyone a minion of his own.
I refuse to believe that the 20% stats to all is boosted from the minion’s stats. Giving 20% on all stats to a minion is quite OP already and if you have Freya and bera, they’re basically unstoppable. But having his frost minions who are weaker and replacing the strong ravens and moths is in a way balance for his mechanics. He’s well thought out imo, I would give them credit.

Innate Ability: Cleanse on Minion Death
This hero’s status ailments are cleansed when a minion owned by them is destroyed.

What exactly is the order on that?
Enemy deals damage (destroys the Minion) and debuffs

  1. new debuff is immediatly cleansed
  2. existing debuffs are cleansed, but new debuff remains?

For all the people who summoned Noor and didn’t know what to do with her: congratulations, this HOTM is your answer. Ignite her Special Skill before Frosth’s and you will be fearsome. If you also have Freya you can have possibly one of the most deadly defenses available in the game.

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It seemed so complicated to me

Looks like Grimble and Skadi will be getting my next set of Tabards and Scopes, respectively.

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It’s all not good enough until we uncover an epic synergy that forces SG to nerf the lad

Gormek has begun to change into costumes.

Can you announce early if its going to be nerfed so we don’t waste are time and resources :thinking:

I can now say definitively, as a beta tester, that Frosth’s skill increases minion HP by 20% of the minion’s own HP, and not Frosth’s HP.

I had a Telluria minion at 138 HP, then used Frosth. The Telly minion HP increased to 165. 138x1.2=165.6


So can you remind me again. If you summon a Telluria minion, then a Freya minion, then a Frosth minion, the original Tel minion will go to 198.72?

Nope. Frosth would need to summon twice himself to bring the Telluria minion to 198. Then if he summons a third time, it replaces the Telluria minion he put so much time and love into. :no_mouth:

Telluria activates

  • Telluria minion: 138 HP (From my Telly, grade 18, focus on defense not health)

Freya activates

  • Telluria minion: Still 138 HP

  • Freya minion: Let’s say… 267 HP (Max level, no emblems)

Frosth activates

  • Telluria minion: 138>165 HP

  • Freya minion: 267>320 HP

  • Frosth minion: 175 HP (Max level, no emblems)

  • Total HP gained this action: 255

I think the special skills of Nashgar (290% damage, 120 burn over 6 turns) or Hawkmoon (32% heal at average mana, no additional effects) would be more useful than Frosth’s in his current state. He’s going to need a colossal boost. I daresay he needs to do twice as much as he does now. But we still have time to get there, so I’m not too concerned

Beta Update

Frosth has returned for testing in V35.5 of beta.

Check the OP for the changes to stats & Skill.


Ahh yes I forgot Freya doesn’t give minions a defensive buff. But, attack wise, Telluria’s minion should get the 120% from Freya, and then the 20% more from Frosth (are they really going to make us keep typing that name?).

The update moves Frosth in the right direction.
13% Health with a 20% buff is 15.6%
16% attack with a 20% buff is 19.2%
Both are still worse than the comparables of Freya and Bera. But they probably can’t push Frosth much more given what Noor does.

Frosth will be nice for f2p, but most who spend will have better options to level. For those who don’t have great other options, I do see his best benefit to be part of a blue stack with slower heroes. Frosth fires and gives some meat shields to the team while also providing some mana along the way.

Even with these changes Froths stats are imbalanced. Idk who is in charge of this, but they still haven’t gotten it right. His stats should look like this:

Atk: 657
Def: 802
HP: 1345

That way his minions stand a chance, but also, why do his minions have to deal damage why can’t they add an extra def % to their owner? It could read something like this. For every frost sprite, the owner gets 5/10/20% increase (based on the number of minions on the hero). I think he would be much better this way.

Then this is disappointing. I don’t see myself getting this hotm now

…For attack, yes, Freya would make a difference. I have a negative opinion of minion damage, though, and I often describe it as being merely decorative. And extra 20% on a 20-damage attack is another 4 points of damage. I wouldn’t even notice Frosth’s boost there

Eh, it’s nothing to write home about, but to me minion damage with a Freya is like a strong DOT that lasts as long as your minion is alive and works with defense down debuffs to be even more effective. It dampens the impact of heal every round heroes. I could just be bias as I really like Freya…

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