🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

Will there be event offers?

I Hope they give some free coins like they did in costumes

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Finally a reason for me to use heroes i never use: Dust your shoes Jabbar, Boomer, Peters, Sumitomo!


As long as you can use every hero ONCE (even if you lose) I think it is MANDATORY that the event (unlike others) will give important informations IN-GAME like the ones that appears in a map stage, plus number of waves and so:

  1. Preview on enemies (and specials if any) that will be faced every stage
  2. number of waves
  3. suggested team power (possibly near to the truth)

I know that the third usually is present, but the first two not.

Moreover, as long as every hero can be used once it could also be interesting if anyone is free to select the order of levels to play (so, for example, if a person want to start with the hardest level he can do it).

Personal note: any pull have 98,7% chance of getting only a s1 hero. Pretty too much I think. Probably a more variety (for example mixing s2 and s3 heroes, probably not all of them) could be better.

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It is likely yes. But offers are never previewed in Beta so we have no way of knowing.

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Just sayin - if they had unique type offers for this it would be fun.

7500 for a 30x makes it interesting

Like what?

Personally I am expecting something like the Challenge Event, Atlantis & Valhalla first round of offers where its like 25 Tavern Coins + 250 odd gems for a couple bucks

Something that gets you to 7500 gems by day 3.

In-between events and seasonal if that makes sense.

will the colors of the opponents be shown?

How about “Select HoTM ticket”, you use it to select any 1 HoTM from the pool in the tavern for 100% chance to summon on your next summon, costs $0.79 each, a maximum of 5 can be bought each month.

What do you guys think? Should we get @Petri to bring it up to the big wigs? :smiley:

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Can we use the battle items in ToL quest?
Apologize if it is posted already.


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That might be more viable then asking to select a certain hero. I like the idea personally.

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I finished the first two stages with with unlevelled 4*s. I have lots of Proteus and Rigard duplicates. The 3rd stage, I used unlevelled 5 stars. The healer being the combination of unlevelled duplicate of Telluria and minor manor portions.

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Imagine only spending 350 gems with a guaranteed 5*…

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