🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

The misterious hero will change every month or this will be the only one ?

I Hope there’s only one. If they change It every month, It only will be a Matter or time that they drop a super OP Hero with a 0.1%.

I still think the mysterious hero is unnecessary, we already have HotM, mysterious hero is creating another complexity that would probably necessitate being re-featured. I 'll say just get rid of the mysterious hero and add the chance of current HotM to the portal.


Beta Update

The Secret ??? Hero has been updated in Beta, with two small changes:

  • The “absorbed” language has been replaced with “memorized.” I’ve updated the top post of this thread accordingly, with the updated text of the new Special Skill and Innate Ability.

  • The Hero can now memorize status ailments from every source, including Minions, stolen status effects, passive skills, items etc.

The Tavern of Legends Quest has also received some minor updates according to the Build Notes — however, it’s not currently available in Beta, so I can’t confirm these changes:

  • Items selected won’t reset while doing the Legends Quest.
  • Save Legends quest teams until they are used.
  • Show energy cost of Legend quest battle on “Fight” button.

Lastly, the Tavern of Legends Summon Portal has also received an update according to the Build Notes:

  • Legends summon 30x price fixed.

However, the Summon Portal is not currently available in Beta either, so I am unsure what the new gem cost is.

As many players noted in the initial testing round, the 30x Summon was set as 3 times the cost of the 10x Summon, so presumably the cost has been reduced to provide a discount for 30x Summons.

UPDATE on April 20th: The Legends Portal has returned to Beta, with the 30x Summon set to 7500 gems instead of 7800.


I am not sure if i understood, but does that mean that this secret hero can use abilities that summon minions if a minion hit him? or that like if minions of lady of the lake that reduce mana hit him and he cast his ability he reduce mana of all enemys? idk if i made my self clear enough because not my first language but i hope you get what i meant to say

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No, it means that Minions that impart status ailments can be memorized.

Mana Reduction isn’t a status ailment.

But a good example would be the new Salmon Loki’s Fish Minions, who impart Water Damage and an inability to receive Minions.


oh ok thank you zephyr for your patience on me :smile:


You read the article, right? You can’t use one team to beat all levels. Any hero you use for a level becomes “used” like in War Attack teams. Okay?

I wonder if this new hero (chuck norris?) can also memorize items during legendary 5* events, if yes, then he is a one way ticket to no1 _makes it far easier… I think at least for events memorizing items should be prohibited to keep some fairness for such a limited loot

But i guess this hero will be adjusted anyways…

Only if they had status ailments, which no currently existing Battle Items do for your own allies.

The Build Notes did mention Battle Items, though, so it’s likely we’ll see ??? as an enemy Boss at some point. That would be a place where status ailments from Battle Items could be memorized.

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Special name updated to “Memorandium Repeaters”?

Oddly enough, no, the Special Skill stayed Absordium Deflectors.

I thought they’d change that to something else too, since ??? neither absorbs, nor deflects.


I did and I understand I need 50 different heroes. I can read just fine :roll_eyes:

If I wasn’t clear what I was asking about was help understanding what kind of roster depth is necessary in order to complete taverns quest. Sure I have 50+ heroes to burn through but I’m not clear if they are sufficient in helping me complete last level.

If there are heroes I should invest in in order to do that, that info would be helpful to know a bit early on. Do I need more 3s? Do I need more 4s? Do I need more dispelled/healers? Do I need more depth in certain color?

Having example of (10) teams that have successfully cleared the event would help me compare and visualize what I need to prepare for.

Only if you actually pay for the pulls. That is really unlikely for a lot of the long time players.

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This is interesting and sounds like it could be fun but it really only leaves me with one really IMPORTANT QUESTION here which I think will be required for such a demanding and lasting event.

Are we going to get new slots (in this case 10) to setup our teams and choose our 50 heroes
Are we going to be provided with a new tab (page so to speak) where the 50 chosen heroes for that event will be allocated for easier access.

As this event seems more targeted at vetrians I presume I would be the lower amount of heroes minority area of total heroes at around 250 and choosing 50 for a particular event would drive havoc in trying to remember 50 heroes as to how best to set them up.

It gets confusing ATM with just 30 for wars as it is let along trying to remember 50 for one event and then 30 for wars at the same time as if this event is held on weekends then it will be at the same time as wars.

I think at this point this below table should give you an idea of what type of teams you need.

As for the summons portal I feel that if this event is targeted at mostly veterans that it shouldn’t have heroes we can get from tc20 and epic portal included in it as veterans would already have most if not all of them already, speaking for myself I am only 2 five stars short of having every hero in epic and pull enough duplicates of this from other portals as it is already.

If your (meaning devs) going to develop a game for veterans then at least provide heroes and rewards accordingly as I would expect to see more and better 3 and 4* mats as rewards in this than the normal basic s1 farming and crafting 1 and 2 star items.

Basically If you want elite players provide elite rewards to gain/maximize their interest.

This looks fun and can’t wait for it to start.


@Guvnor not sure what was changed and why it comes up for editing, can you help me out here please.

Yep, I read that too. To me recommended TP has always seemed arbitrary. If I were to strictly go by that number, I don’t even have a single 4600 TP team.
I don’t know which color mob and bosses are, how much HP they have, what the bosses are etc. Which is why I’m having hard time visualize what kinda roster is needed.
Even if I were to create mono teams to brute-force my way through it, im not sure if I have sufficient heroes. I have 6 teams for 6 wars flags (70 or higher) and good chunk of 3s.

Now if I wanted to expand that further for this event, which would help provide more success? Which of these dupes would help with event more: Bold/Wilbur/Rigard/Sabina/Proteus/Wu?

If there’s an infographic/detail of mobs and bosses to expect each tier would be helpful (one similar to challenge events)

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@Guvnor fixed the quote of the recommended Team Power table, so it would properly link back to the first post it’s from.


There is. But it won’t be published until the event is live, like with Challenge Events.

I can publish the tabular data once we know it’s finalized in Beta.

Keep in mind too that it’s likely to change in different months.


Thanks! I look forward to it :slightly_smiling_face: Appreciate your efforts


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