🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

para mi opinion faltaria incluir madre norte telluria heimdall y telluria

I welcome the idea of a high-tier challenge event. Wish that failures wouldn’t take out heroes but such is life.

Really disappointed in this summon portal though. S1 heroes are way too prevalent as is - EHTs are a joke once you have tc 20. With high chances to get them from literally every other portal in the game it’s a huge middle finger to those players that this portal targets.

Make the tokens you get from this event have 0 chance to get s1 3 stars. Bump the epic and legendary chances up hugely to compensate, eg s1 4 star chance like 70%, 5 star 15%, and make the past hotms like 1% each. This 0.1% chance super hotm is the most blatent cash grab I’ve ever seen but i won’t be pulling for him so i don’t care too much. 2ish summons a month at ~30% odds for a 5 star isn’t too bad for players that have been playing long enough to be able to earn all of the tokens. It’s a really reasonable reward for their ongoing commitment and a more fair chance for them to actually pull a useful hero.

After using the event specific tokens, gem summons can be done but they include the s1 3 star trash at the terrible rates initially listed so that people can’t just cheaply buy hotms (eg s1 3 star - 70%). Open this portal up for EHTs as well i say, same odds as gem summons.

Making a past hotm or two featured at double odds seems nice to me, so that hoarding up these tokens for a target hotm chance is more of a possibility. There’s so many ways to make this portal more friendly to everyone, but i am super disappointed hearing about this money-grubbing first implementation.

I was impressed with SGG’s response to feedback on the first POV so I’m willing to be a little more optimistic than is my wont. Hopefully they’ll make this work a little better

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I second that make it trainer heroes instead of season 1 heroes!!

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Out of curiosity, I just did an expected value calculation on this portal. Granted, I have several of the past HOTMs, but even if I didn’t the expected value on the portal in this current format would be pretty bad. For people that only really want a handful of the old HOTMs, it’s atrocious. Total waste of money. My suggestion for fixing it, which is somewhat similar to what others have mentioned:

1.0% chance at a featured former HOTM (three each month: the newest one added and two others)
1.5% chance at a non-featured former HOTM (all the rest)
97.5% chance at a 3* or 4* trainer hero or troop
1.0% bonus chance at the current month’s HOTM
0.3% bonus chance at the secret legend

Ascension item roll for every 10 pulls up to 9x/month

Costs: 350 for 1x, 3000 for 10x, 8400 for 30x

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Agree with all of @Guvnor 's posts regarding summoning odds improvements. I have a monthly budget, and ToL offers right now are not going to get any $ as-is.

Two comments:

  1. On the ToL quest, since planning your team in advance is so important- so will the infographics with the full list of bosses that Mariamne and our other wonderful users provide. But for the sake of not flipping back and forth between apps every round, I suggest that ToL - if not all quests - get the first introductory screen when you click on the level showing the minions and bosses that stage has. Why does the map have this yet the quests do not??

  2. Second, on the “mystery hero”, is this a fixed hero or a rotating position? If it is rotating, what is the frequency? Currently it doesn’t look that good, and doesn’t matter personally because I’d never ever summon it at 0.1% odds, but seriously, another very fast purple?

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Loot box unit pricing

Given the current Beta odds

Loot box Unit Pricing for Gravemaker at odd number years

Year USD Gems
2020 ( 3 years ) $31,807+ 2,550,000+
2022 ( 5 years ) $63,627+ 5,100,300+
2024 ( 7 years ) $95,445+ 7,650,900+

Loot box Unit Pricing for ??? hero
$17,226+ USD ( 1,380,600 gems )


Click for Notes

3 years
0.00054167 odds
8,500 summons
$31,807+ USD

5 years
0.00027083 odds
17,001 summons
$63,627+ USD

7 years
0.00018051 odds
25,503 summons
$95,445+ USD

??? Hero
0.001 odds
4,602 summons
$17,226+ USD



So, they obviously have to look out for their own interest, and part of that is justifying our purchases. I’m sure they be happy to get the money without having to even run the game at all. Fortunately, everything is not as they want. Its why the costume chamber was changed to address players concerns. Its why the POV was made more friendly in a second revision.They provide us with the service, they also have to convince us to pay for it.

So yes, i understand that they need to dilute the summoning odds with S1 heroes. It’s why i suggested that the chance at a legendary would still be 2.5%, leaving it only for old HoTM. You also have to remember that for every GM, Zeline and Hel there are Margaret’s, Grimbles and Toths.So its not like we are all going to suddenly get the one we want or need.

As if their concern is not giving enough Dawas and Renfelds instead of giving too many special legendaries.

And ours is getting that special legendary we want. So again its not just what they want, its how do you reasonably balance our needs with theirs. We are going for 3 new summoning portals introduced in 1 year, Its starting to feel like too much. They need to start getting a little more persuasive.

Which not only adds a generous chance for s1 5stars, but actually increases the probability of a special legendary compared to your first proposal, but you worded it almost as if doing a favor to SG; “yeah, if you guys really want to add those s1 5 stars, we’ll reluctantly accept it, just for you”

Firs suggestion is more realistic and this is one i would be more hopeful for. At the end of the day the odds are still stacked towards S1 premium feeders.This also wouldn’t increase the odds of an old HOTM anymore than my first proposal. It would increase the odds of S1 legendaries, but i dont think most people would care for them anyways.

The thing to realize here is that this portal is unlike any other portal we currently have. That is because unlike every other portal, there is no limit to the number of legendary heroes in the summoning pool. By the time this feature is rolled out you can expect 26 heroes in the pool. In a years time that is 38 Heroes and in 2 years time that is 50. Trying to pull for hel you would get a 1 in 50 chance from just 2.5%. That is the lowest ods at a specific hero in any portal.

Compare that to the Elemental Portal which has a chance at 4 legendary heroes. Atlantis which has a chance at 12 Legendary heroes. S3 Currently has a chance at 8 heroes. So doubling the odds at any legendary hero would be more than justified. Especially when long time running players they would just be a source of XP(Dupes) or feed for HA.

OMG what an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing content, a new summon portal with chance to get old hotm instead of the current month hotm, thats crazy guys
we ve dreamed about it and SG did it, these guys are genius, im calling my bank to let em know im gonna spend more cash in this trap :rofl:

and of course hero academy is delayed again and again and oh dont forget in the meantime to buy more hero slot and keep all your 5* dupes forever, it will be veeeeeeeery usefull :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:


Not sure why the complaints. Usually I won’t post, but I agree with @Rigs.

  1. If you are angry at S1 3*, just substitute with “you lost, here is a 1* feeder”. SGG wants 79% of all bets to lose, and complaining about the method of consolation is pointless.

  2. This portal can be summarized as 1.2% at a probably useless S1 5* and 1.3% at a more useful past HOTM. At $2.6 per attempt, just see it for what it is. Get a 5* for about $100 and 39 consolation 1* feeders that will last about 30 seconds before being fed.

  3. The Hero Academy will not be any different. Look at the Alchemy Lab. SGG is very clear, players can gain about 20 cents of free value a day, and costs $100 for a sexy HOTM. The best thing that ever happened to free players is TC20. We should be sure that nothing that comes out will ever change:

    A. Spend about $100 for a sexy new 5*
    B. Get more than 20 cents of value for your time
    C. Old heros, like old cars are worth nothing. Ford doesnt make any money from used car sales, and therefore they are not creating a used car academy where used cars go in, and new cars go out. Same with SGG.


Hi @favgames you actually make some great points and the ford example is good, but you are missing some things. Everybody needs a car (or nearly everybody), so they do not really need to offer mechanisms to incentive people buying cars from them, they just need to sell good cars.

Here it is different, this market is so much more complicated… Not everybody needs to play a telephone game, even less this particular one! This is for entertainment and a lot of people are F2P or C2P and get discouraged when the game does not make improvements FOR THEM. In short, your premise is mistaken because are assuming the only customers are P2W and that this enterprise should only care about maximizing SHORT TERM revenues.

I mean, you stated it, old heroes are nearly obsolete and everybody wants a new toy. Of course people that does not pay as much should not have as many toys, but preventing F2P players to get nothing more than S1 feeders all the time just discourages them and if they leave this is game over for EyP. Nobody wants to play a game with just a handful of people and everybody will just leave. They need to have a balance, so as to provide new content (less obsolete) to F2P players so they want to play, have something to look forward and that way not losing C2P and P2W players.

I mean, increasing odds a bit (let’s say reducing the S1 5*) for old HOTMS? Those heroes are becoming less and less useful (just look at the top modern defenses), so giving them a little more frequently is beneficial for them, as it increases competition and the majority of players have something to look for.

In short I think this portal needs a bit more balance, and a lot of people has stated it here, from F2P to more P2W players. This portal is looking nearly useless from a win/lose cost analysis, and if they release it this way they are for sure changing it like the costume chamber, because they understand they need to satisfy all of its customers, P2W but also F2P and C2P.


Slightly moving the 1.3% and 1.2% is reasonable, and even a featured set is a great idea.

Actually my post was about why the 79% S1 3* is there. It is not about “here is your 150th bane”, but a “you lose, spin again”. Also just saying the HA will probably be a 2.5% to 5% for a useful hero. F2P and C2P has over 3 years proven that they are willing to accept those kinds of odds.

Tldr: not holding my breath for a different way to spend 200 gems to spin the dice. Aiming to kick butt with 5xMagnii

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There’s other ways to do “you lose, spin again”. The trainers is a good way. They could do troops too.

But S1 heroes isn’t particularly Legendary, and they need to figure out other ways of diluting the odds.

Just wanna mention one thing:

You guys do realize that adding a mat chest per 10 pulls means you’ll be paying 350 gems per pull instead of the current 300 (+ 3000 for 10, 8400 for 30)

That’s why Atlantis, Valhalla and costume portal are all set at 350 per pull, while the epic, elemental and event portals are not.

So, as much as I like mat chests, I think we have plenty already, and am definitely not interested in a price increase for an already questionably built portal. It’s a bad enough deal [as is], so I don’t think increasing the price in lieu of a mat chest will make it any better. Personally, I think that makes it worse; you can buy mats elsewhere


Agreed. Ascension Material chests are not a good USP for this summons gate for if the main motivation is to pull somewhere that you might also get bonus AMs from then there’s both Valhalla and Atlantis of which both are better prospects to do just that and the unfortunate side effect will just be this summon gate getting more expensive.


For me, the estructural problem of this Tabern is that it’s a downgraded version of the clasic portal.

  • It has the same heroes.
  • Instead the current HOTM you get an old HOTM. Usually those Will be worse than current HOTM because meta and powercreep.
  • Lower % overall to get a 5* vs the clasic portal (Vanilla 5* + HOTM).
  • In clasic portal you can use EHT wich are quite common.
  • In clasic portal you can get Also seasonal heroes wich are quite solid.

To solve those problem they could do the following:

  • Add some new 3* & 4*. Those Will add value to the pulls.
  • Add Also probabilities to summon the current HOTM.
  • Increase the odds to summon the old HOTM.

I think is the only way people could spend more gems in the tabern.


Wait, so you’re saying that the portal won’t have ALL the old HoTM at the same time, but just a few of them featured every now and again?

I think that the portal will have all of the HOTM older than one year.


No, Im saying that the tabern (In his current forma) allow you to get old HOTM but not the current HOTM.

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Yes, the problem of this portal is it has the worst probabilities for a favorable outcome. Let’s see:

Epic summon:

  • Accepts Epic Hero Tokens
  • 1.5% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Seasonal Summon:

  • Accepts Epic Hero Tokens
  • 7,9% for 3* Seasonal Hero
  • 5.7% for 4* Seasonal Hero
  • 1% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1.5% for 5* Seasonal Hero
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Challenge Summon

  • Accepts Challenge Coins (10 per summon)
  • 7,9% for 3* Challenge Hero
  • 5.7% for 4* Challenge Hero
  • 1.5% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1% for 5* Challenge Hero
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Atlantis Summon

  • Accepts Atlantis Coins (100 per summon)
  • Costs 50 more gems per summon
  • 49.2% for 3* S2 Hero
  • 14.6% for 4* S2 Hero
  • 1.2% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1.3% for 5* S2 Hero or old HoTM
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Costume Summon

  • Accepts Keys (5 per summon)
  • Costs 50 more gems per summon
  • 71% for 3* S1 Hero + Costume
  • 26.6% for 4* S1 Hero + Costume
  • 2.5% for 5* S1 Hero + Costume
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Valhalla Summon

  • Accepts Valhalla Coins (100 per summon)
  • Costs 50 more gems per summon
  • 51.4% for 3* S3 Hero
  • 14.6% for 4* S3 Hero
  • 0.9% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1.3% for 5* S3 Hero (non-Featured)
  • 0.3% for 5* S3 Hero (Featured)
  • 1.3% for current HotM

Tavern of Alchemy Lab

  • Accepts Legend Coins (100 per summon)
  • 1.2% for 5* S1 hero
  • 1.3% for 5* old HotM
  • 0.1% for some obscure 5* that does not sound even that great
  • 0.00000% for getting current HoTM

Basically, a classic portal has almost same rate of getting non-S1 5* as this Tavern (1.3% on classic vs 1.4% on Legend). All other portals have better rates to get something not S1. And we all know it is not a great investment to spend Epic Hero tokens there if Seasonal Event is not running (even more now that the Seasonal rates are improved). Personally I will rather spend my gems on Valhalla.


add to your list

  • 0% for current HotM

P2P, C2P & F2P won’t spend here with the power creep in mind. This is purely for whales who want a specific card.

Only two must-have heroes available. Evelyn & Frida for elemental defense down. At 1.3% the odds of getting a specific hero is so slim I can’t see any rational person spending here.


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