🧪 Early Information on Tavern of Legends Event [Part of The Beta Beat v29]

If you had a chance to ask @Petri or someone in power, that would be good to know :wink:

So another once a month event?

Hmm… I can totally understand normal s1 heroes for the s2 and s3 portals, but s1 heroes in this portal leaves a bad taste in the mouth, especially since there is no chance for hotm.

do we know what element the secret hero is?


I’ll ask, but it’s still listed as “Coming Soon” in this Beta build, and we saw an accidental preview of it a while ago, so I have no reason to think they’ve scrapped SH25 and Hero Academy.

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Yes, it’s Dark/Purple — I’ve added that to the top post of this thread, my apologies for omitting it.


I think we all knew they weren’t going to put the old HOTM’s in HA where they could be obtained for free lol that would’ve cost SG a lot of potential revenue. Figured something like this was coming. Wondering where a new event fits in. Maybe the same week as costumes?


This seems great for veteran players with incredibly deep rosters.

I don’t like it for no other reason than it feels like I have to plan like Alliance Wars in PvE content.


We’ve seen HOTM in Hero Academy in a past Beta.

Please don’t jump to conclusions that Tavern of Legends means Hero Academy won’t include HOTM. It’s premature to speculate.


Looking at calendar and trying to find a slot… The third Thursday-Friday?

The quest and portal in Beta are set to expire in a little under 13 days — I’m not sure if that’s just for Beta, or if it’s intended to be a longer-running event in the live game.

I’ll see if I can find out.

For anyone curious, if you run a hero with status ailment protection the new 5* still absorbs the ailment and is able to cast it back.
Grazul is looking pretty good again. Lets hope that is how it is intended


Also I do not know if it is just enemy cast, because I dont have any springville heroes, but I assume if you use Killhare her ailment will be absorbed and you can cast it on the enemy.


Love the idea of new gameplay modes.

However - do we need to do the stages sequentially or can we start with level 10? Planning would be much easier if I knew I could start from the top lol.


Moderator’s Note

I have confirmation back from the Small Giant Staff that Hero Academy is still in the works. The exact timing for Beta testing isn’t certain yet, but it’s currently expected in late April or May.


Preparing to see multiple posts how this design is unfair to new players…


over 20 past hotm with a chance of 1,3 % and probably most of the time you will get Thoth-Amun :smiley:
not gonna make any pulls for gems there - remove classic heroes, only roll for HOTM and increase gem cost but not the coin cost and its ok


The game mechanics seem cool. Finally a good reason to level duplicates. From what we got so far it looks like a logical thing is to use 3* in the first few stages, then 4* and leaving nice shiny 5* for the last ones. Don’t quite remember what TP you can achieve by having five 3* (plus emblems) but it looks doable and a nice reason to keep the good 3* (now we have Tournaments and Rare in events).

Summoning odds are nothing new, SG’s gonna remove classic 3* and 4* from “special” summoning portals when hell freezes over :upside_down_face:


Not a new complaint. :woman_facepalming:

Anything with tiers of increased difficulty is going to get that I’m afraid… events, POV… now this.

People think everyone should get the same participation ribbon regardless of where they’re at in the game.


Guvs Personal Opinion

Roster Mastery
I LOVE the quest concept. Having to preplan your hero use is really really sweet. It gives players something to aim for AND gives a challenge to long term / late game players.

The number of coins available means that, even if you only complete 7 stages, you can still get a substantial number of coins (can do a summon in fact)

So yeah, REALLY stoked for the Roster Mastery aspect of the quest.

Summons Portal
Not a massive fan of the Classic Hero summon rates… I would personally prefer if either:

  1. The odds are reduced for S1 heroes
  2. The S1 heroes are completely removed & the summons cost is jacked up (say 1k coins… Or 1.5k coins). For this I would want the gem summons option removed.

I’d love if it was ONLY the returning HotM and we were forced to pay heaps of coins & also not possible to use gems


That sounds like… Hero’s Academy? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking this feature sounds like the p2w version of HA; I’m guessing that HA is stricted limited in some way (say 10 tries per month or something) to satisfy people’s need of a “f2p friendly feature”; but then, for p2w players who still want more chances to pull old hotms, they have this.

Or else this feature is super redundant, so I can’t think of another good reason for why this happened (unless HA changed completely, but then you’d have to think how it changed, and I can’t think of a way where it’s still f2p friendly if it doesn’t offer old hotms).

Personally, I would like to see the price of the portal go up to 350 gems, and

offer costumes (with no hero) instead of the generic s1 heroes, with the same pull chance as described above. I think that’s a good compromise that’s acceptable to players and SG.


so you finish all stages and you get to do 2 summons with 72% of rare…i guess its not about your roaster but more about sucking more money…oh and dont forget 0.1% for the secret hero…and what any player to expect from HA after this but more junk :frowning:


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