🧪 Early Information on Styx (a.k.a. Cyclopes) Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Styx troops available this coming event, later this month or did they postpone the troops? I’m hearing rumors in alliance chat…

Styx tower later this month. There should be a troop portal as well, as it is with the other tower events.

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Should be… But the magic tower didn’t initially have the special troops… So who know with sg…

Magic troops never entered beta. They appeared magically when magic heroes portal went live.

Despite repeated queries from players, both in beta and not, SGG never saw fit to answer our queries.

Styx troops entered beta. Once something enters beta, likelihood of that going live is almost guaranteed unless there is a critical bug that needs fixing.

I can’t see any reason why Zynga/SGG would hold back on release of Styx Troops when Styx Tower goes live unless there’s a critical bug with those Styx Troops.

Zynga/SGG will not miss any opportunity to make more money from players. Look at the last Costume Chamber offer : 75 keys for S$21.98 / US$14.99.

A brand new offer. Launched with a much harder masquerade quest. It’s pretty obvious why the masquerade quest was upgraded thus.


I liked the added difficulty. Auto playing an entire event is not my idea of of a good time.

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I never autoplay the old masquerade quests.

I use 3* to 4* to 5* to test combos and what-not, and sometimes just for fun.

It’s up to you to dig out pockets of opportunity where you can.

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I wish there would be a 4* troop that came out and had Attack, Defense, HP, and mana. Too many troops have healing bonus, but only the crit troop has HP. These troops would be perfect for minion makers.

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Maybe next September 2023.

September (?) 2020 Ninja Troops

September 2021 Magic Troops

September 2022 Styx Troops

September 2023 ???

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