🧪 Early Information on Styx (a.k.a. Cyclopes) Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Does the tiles benefit from “bypass” given by Ninja and Styz troop only? or both special skill and tiles do?

Styx troops are definetely good for “Ranger Class” heroes. Chance to by-pass will be 50%. So i believe this troops are can be used on wings.

Yep, affects tiles in same way as crit troops

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Edit: For some reason I was under the impression Styx troops maxed at 15% mana generation boost.

I struggle to see why most players would be interested in these troops. Unless you’re willing to spend loads on summoning feeders these will be low level compared to your existing troops.

They give less ATK and DEF than Mana troops and the same mana. Instead of extra heal it has bypass. Bypass only matters if there are buffs which makes it situational. Heal only matters if it’s not bloody battle or you have healers. Throwing those out these are just weaker mana troops.

Imo, F2P and C2P will be better served focusing on other troops, these are only for big spenders where certain situations will make the distinction useful or new players who don’t have better troops yet.

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Most players shouldn’t as most players probably don’t optimize their troop leveling in a smart way.


If you don’t have a full set of mana troops it’s now easier to get troops that achieve your mana goals

I generally have three mana troops of every color at level 11. I’m about to start leveling some magic troops as the fourth troop. But I’d rather wait for Styx troops. It will save me both food and feeders.

If I want the extra attack and defense I can further level them. But almost everyone can use more feeders and/or ham.

Lol, I was reacting to misinformation instead of seeing they actually provide up to 20% mana boost

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The Mana part is comparable to magic troops so I think those are the best ones to compare in which case I feel you want to level one set of either Styx or Magic for defense purposes… And if you are behind on troops you may want more for quicker Mana breaks. If you already have strong Mana troops multiple of these troops isn’t very essential, cause as you said you start to lose attack and defense and more Mana % does not help after certain points

@birksg Could you fix the picture at the red circle ? There should be a bold line at the blue line.


Okay, fixed. Sorry


Thx, I have replaced the image in the OP with this.


Ditto on order of Troops for Dummies

Twenty thanks in advance

Thanks for this poll, I’ve saved lots of tokens and wasn’t sure whether to use them in the magic event or wait, this makes it easier for me, looks like the magic ones are still the way to go.


I’m surprised magic is so far in the lead. Damn it… Now i don’t know…


Now its most certain, SG will buff cyclop troops :slight_smile:

That’s why I am holding my ETTs for Styx Tower. And my heavier-feed troops. Wait n See.

Ill do a couple of magic pulls need blue magic hero.

I agree with your logic. They need to be the latest and greatest… They cannot be the new crit troops.

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hahah, actually I was just thinking from SG revenue mind :slight_smile:

From my standpoint, it would be best, if they offer similar value, but different purpose (like currently or just a tiny tiny tiny up bonus on their specific niche from current) :slight_smile: