🧪 Early Information on Soul Exchange [Part of The Beta Beat V45]

A TC20 is ~5% chance for a 5*. That means on average 1 in 20 heroes will be a 5*. With a 2 day training time that’s 40 days of training time per 5* on average. Run 3 TC20’s and you are getting a 5* every 2 weeks on average or roughly 2 a month. If the 8 heroes is correct for the first trade in a F2P player should be able to get 3 a year. With some luck with duplicates from other pulls you can probably get that up to 4 a year assuming it’s a quarterly event.

Then I stand corrected. If this game would have been out 45 years ago before I blew all my inheritances at that time I would have easily spent hundreds or maybe even thousands on it.

Are the offering heroes will change each time or will still the same ?!

@KPB the official info still says 10 / 15 / 20 per tier…

The info above was some kind of fake news…


@ArfaouiMohamed the info from first Beta was that the heroes change every time…


New Whales

The other sign this is aimed at new Whales

1x 5* 1.1 from gem summons is same value as 1x 5^85 LB hero from training camps

This makes it more sensible for older Whales to summon new 5* 1.1 heroes for Soul Exchange

So new, and old, Whales will be tempted to summon 20x 5* 1.1 heroes


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Or /tier

I am still confused maiebe in comments is the certain answer but are too many and on search this is what I find

In Beta we could do 3 exchanges on the event, but in the release note Staff has reduced the allowed exchange count to 1.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to clarify :pray:


im ok with a useless gravemaker at 20, SG can give away these kind of noobroes to f2p
but im strongly againts any game changer like mikki, listen to your whales SG never put mikki on soul exchange or put him at 100 just to troll the f2p :rofl:

I wouldn’t call Gravemaker useless. Some of the posts here are worthless. Often from the same person over and over and over again.


I wonder who you could be talking about?

:thinking: :laughing:


I am certain a Nobel Weasel like yourself can find the cheese in this maze :heart:


I hope they put the costume there for Ursena. I don’t pull S2 anymore

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I’m sure it’s been mentioned/ suggested earlier, but if we’re going by tiers dupes should be tiered as well. No reason why my dupe Marie T and Lady Locke should be worth the same as a dupe vanilla Khagan.


I don’t know if this has been addressed here yet. But, does anyone know how often a soul exchange event is going to be? Cos if it is like once a year, I would go for one this time (probably Ursena). Otherwise, Id like to wait for any changes to the available heroes cos I really am hoping for a Heimdall or MN without costume to show up one day (really want a green healer/reviver…lol)

Unhappiness isn’t exactly… enjoyable for the writer or the reader. It should be ok to voice concerns without getting called a crybaby.
But yeah… good luck with that

Excitement makes sense,
Some have more dupes than others.

And if you have 9 dupes?
Catch the next one, or…
Start spending

Genius…! I envy the business mind, truly!
But… will still stake claim in the forest…

Imagine this:
Say you have 32 dupes and get GM.
Now you have 12 dupes.

Then months from now the next S.E. comes.
And it has been upgraded.
You can drop 30 dupes in that one and get Costume Krampus. Your up to 19 dupes by then.

Man… I really hope that happens.
Not because I’m mean but…
Because I’ve been at this for a while now

No one knows yet, but the official announcement had said a few times a year so people are guessing maybe quarterly or every 2 months? Only time will tell :joy:


Am I mistaken… or is miki primarily used for titans and mythic titans. Is it really that emotionally devastating for others to have him? Titans die faster… and maybe your 1% is a 5% reward in the mythic. I got 1% last time… and I was jealous of several 5% rewards… so it really is a luck of the draw situation…

Don’t feed the troll