🧪 Early Information on Soul Exchange [Part of The Beta Beat V45]

10 - 15- 20 eroi per ogni gruppo.

I have to get something from the top tier to clear out as much space as possible since we only get one go. Probably Skadi


Still no word on frequency? I’m thinking every three months… But that’s just a guess.

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Your point about a krampus being equal in value to a weak S1 hero is true, but it begs the point of whether a player is silly enough to throw krampus on the stack as the hero giving them the amount necessary to get that Rumplestiltskin they always wanted

Does anyone know when this Soul Chamber/Legendary Hero trade in is going to start? It’s like the game has been purposely summoning duplicates, I can’t believe how many gems I’ve had to spend on increasing my inventory just keep functioning with normal game play. Anyone else having this problem as well?

V45 release notes say Feb 28-Mar 2


Hopefully, its each month or every two months, since know there is only one soul exchange available each time

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4 times per year would be enough… over this its just too much. Or heroes would repeat at random, as there is not enough “junk” heroes to offer :smiley:


you got season 2 heroes (around 15), season 3 heroes ( around 15), old challenge events (around 25), HOTMS from 2017-2020 (around 40), S1 Costumes (around 20), weaker heroes from newer portals and each year you can join one year old HOTMS and later current event portals…

You can easily run this every other month (6 times a year). Most people dont even have so many heroes to exhange, but atleast you keep people occupied with options (new ‘‘old’’ toys) troughout year and thus extending game life expectancy :slight_smile:

True, I was just using a hypothetical to make my point. And it doesn’t change this hypothetical player’s problem. Their dupe Krampuses would still be worth the same as dupe Obakans, and they’d still be faced with the choice of trading them for a less valuable hero, letting them sit on their roster unleveled, or leveling all of them up. All options are wasteful and unappealing.

All we wanna know is when will Alfrike be available for soul exchange??? Lets be patient my friends and she will be ours! Everyone in the game will have one! Imagine rush wars after her soul exchange lol

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5* Trainer

Does anyone know if 5* Trainers can be used for HA10 5* retraining, or Soul Exchange?

Do 5* trainers exist?


No se si alguien leyó lo que dije hace unos días, creo que es un tema bastante interesante. En el intercambio de almas no debería tener el mismo peso un héroe en nivel 1/1 que en 3/70, por ejemplo. ¿Alguien coincide con esta opinión?

Translation to English:

Yes, it should worth more, but right now even a 4/80 worth the same as 1/1.


Pues para eso opinamos, para que lo que sea coherente se estudie para su aplicación… Si no, esto es solo retórica.

No obstante, perdí la oportunidad de agradecer su respuesta. Disculpe mi falta.

Hold on to your dupe hotms and event heroes, they might be worth more than a s1 hero after a year. But initially… I’m happy to clear away some trash.


No such thing as a 5* trainer… But nice try.

My s1 3.70s were leveled up 3 years ago… It might be a waste of feeders and ham… Don’t want to use them in the soul exchange, then feed them to another 5* hero… You’ll get more xp…

They have given us a system where we can get a guaranteed good 5*at least once a year… That is a huge concession by these people… Huge.

I understand it, is a little present. This game is big by the players, then, the players may the game bigger with our opinions. Thank you for your time