🧪 Early Information on Soul Exchange [Part of The Beta Beat V45]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on Soul Exchange Feature.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Soul Exchange

You can select the heroes what you want to trade on a similar screen what you can use to select a Hero to retrain in Hero Academy 10.
The event duration is 4 days in Beta.
You need to select several heroes to receive one choosen hero.

The offered options for the following in Beta:

Hero count to choose Hero 1 Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4 Hero 5
10 Sargasso Rana Guardian Chamelon Reuben Rumpelstilskin
15 Thor Jean-Francois Alaise Ursena Costumed Horghall
20 Gravemaker Skadi Garjammal Inari Killhare

Note: Only the Horghall have costumes in the options.

How exchanging works:


  1. You need to click on the Icon bellow the portals to go into the Soul Exchange.
  2. You need select heroes what you want to exchange on a similar screen like the Hero academy level 10 hero selector.
    • This screen can be opened with a button called “Select Heroes to Trade”
    • You can see how many heroes you have selected.
    • You can sort the heroes by the usual sort orders (Power, class, rarity, element, origin…)
    • Only unlocked heroes can be selected which are not in a team and not has talents.
  3. You need to pick what do you want as an outcome in the “Choose Your Reward Below” table, where the above options are offered.
    • If you select only 10 heroes, then only the first row is selectable, and the others are grayed out.
    • If you select only 15 heroes, then only the first and second rows are selectable, and the third row is grayed out.
    • If you select 20 heroes, then only the heroes in all 3 rows are selectable.
    • You can not select more than 20 heroes.
  4. Click on Exchange
    • If you have selected more heroes what is needed for that hero, then you get an error message about too much heroes are selected, and you need to unselect some heroes.
      The exact message:
      “Too Many Heroes Selected
      Only X heroes are required to receive Y. Please select fewer heroes.”
      X = needed count
      Y = hero name with subname.
  5. An additional confirmation message apprears:
    " Y will be received in exchange of the following X selected LEGENDARY heroes:
    [Here comes the icon of the selected heroes including there level (eg: 3/70, etc…)]
    The selected LEGENDARY Heroes will be lost.
    This operation cannot be undone.
    Are you sure want to continue ?"
    Yes / No
  6. If some of the selected heroes are leveled, then you get an additional warning:
    “Some of the heroes you have chosen have been leveled up.
    All the Resources that were used for leveling up these Heroes will be lost during Soul Exchange .
    You will not able to recover these Heroes.
    Are you absolutely sure that you want to continue ?”
    Yes / No
  7. You will receive the selected hero at unleveled 1/1 state even if you added 20 maxed 5 star heroes to get it.

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Good step towards solving the “duplicate” problem. Limit to 3 times per event is a good cap to start with.
I expect many to be disappointed as this is too costly or the heroes aren’t worth it.

With Hero Academy I can put any one hero in and get a ~10% chance to get a non season 1 hero. So if there was even an option to pick your season 1 hero, I would expect it to require more than 1 hero.
I’m not sure whether 10-20 is the right cost. That’s too high for almost any f2p player, but those aren’t the folks struggling with dups in the first place. If you are the type of person that has 5 of every HOTM, this is an easy trade it. For whales, 20 seems like a low cost if you want one of these heroes. For cheaper players, this seems like something you save up for and even sacrifice your maxed Quintus if needed for.

The groupings are interesting. I’m f2p and yet I’m not sure I want any of the heroes in that first bucket. I don’t have 10 heroes I want to dump to begin with and I don’t necessarily want to dump them for one of those. So is this going to be a thing where people aim for 20 because that’s where the best heroes come from?

F2p it seems like we’re best off sticking with HA. Given we have so few non season 1, we have overwhelming odds of getting something unique from HA. If you have a big backlog, definitely throw them in here, but we’re not missing out on much.


Is this “offer” fixed and the same for all payers?


Interesting move. Anything that moves the garbage is a good thing.


It is fixed as others reported the same too.


the hero cost should be reduced by 5 for each, imo. So that those who are free to play or spend a little bit at a time can also use this event. If this becomes a event that happens every 4 weeks, then the available heroes should be randomized instead of fixed so everyone can have an opportunity to really clean out their dupes and get heroes they would like to get. Makes HA10 a bit obsolete if one thinks about it. Just my initial thoughts on this


too expensive, heroes are crap and to give 20 heroes for 1 in ursenu, no no


Yes! I’ve only fed 1 5* hero so far of all the 5* I’ve gotten in my 1,5-2 years of playing so I have like 30 spare duplicate or S1 5* which I’ll never level without a costume. Any idea if the selection will have different heroes each event? There’s already a few juicy heroes included, but I’d love to have Frigg/Bera/Alfrike/Odin/Lord Loki, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to wait quite the long time to get more spare 5*s if I dont choose carefully, where I use them.

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20 horgall for 1 Skadi?? Why not…
20 obakan for 1 Frigg?? Its Great!!


There should be different trade in values. Trading in event heroes should count something like the same value as 5 season 1 heroes. And also different values for season 2, 3, 4 and hotm.


So this will be a monthly event? Perhaps different set up of heroes to chose from each mont?

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As it stands currently I would not be willing to give up what I can spare for any of those in tier 1. The Ursena intrigues me from tier 2, but not at cost of pretty much dismantling my roster.

Not something which has benefit for me


Said in the other Thread:

Geez, with the cost of Soul Exchange it’ll be pretty useless for all but the biggest of whales. Hopefully they’ll cut back on that, but I doubt it.

Just like HA10, good on paper, terrible in practice.

I just counted and have 9 over the course of 4 years so it is utter pointless, especially given the crap for Tier 1.

Should be more like 3, 4, 5. At least give us a chance SGG!

Edit: Really? C. Horghall in Tier 2. Laughable.


its ok but could be better to be honedt. maybe in future will be addedmore horoes

This is definetly good for old players with plenty of S1 5*, 20 is expensive but if I could change 20 S1 duplicates for GM who is awesome and who I don’t have it still would be great.


Too expensive. I haven’t got so many heroes for exchange in three years of playing.


There is no information on this.


10 heroes:
I have Reuben, and I don’t ascend him, but ascended khagan (without costume) azlar and Marjana (both with costume) dupes before him. And now I should change 10 heroes for that.

Sargasso, Rana I don’t have. I probably wouldn’t protest if they come out of HA10, but exchange, no. I would lvl a second joon or domitia and call it a day.

Chamäleon and rumpel I don’t have and can’t really say something. Maybe if I have a lot of S1 dupes I would do it.

15 heroes:
I have Jf. I use uncostumed S1 heroes more often. Now with costumes I use Marjana and azlar far more often. Definite no.

Alasie, blue sniper a little bit better than lvling magni dupes. I don’t know, I wouldn’t do it.

Horgall c. No

Thor. No idea. I never wished I had him, never had any problems when I encountered him. Never said I missed him. Maybe it would be a good deal, but it doesn’t feel like one.

Ursena. I wanted her. Reflect is a unique skill. If I had 15 S1 heroes I don’t need, I probably would do it. Not sure if it’s hotm dupes I would lvl maybe sometimes in the future.

20 heroes:
I have killhare. She is good. Is she worth 20 heroes? Not for me.
Is she worth 20 S1 heroes when you only have S1? Maybe. But I think someone could be disappointed after changing 20 heros for her. In the end, she just do damage, no fun mechanic, no game winning skill on her own.

I also have skadi. She is definitely the best out of the bunch. Is she worth 20 dupes if there is with frank c an easy (relative) to get hero who does something similar. I don’t know. If someone has Frank c, no, if not maybe?

Garjamel. No. That is a green sniper. If I want something like that I will do another lianna. More damage but no self heal. Worth 20 dupes? For me definitely not.

Gravemaker. Outdated hotm. Would have loved him years ago. Not sure if I would do it. With only S1 heroes and enough dupes maybe…

Inari, no idea. If someone wants a dodge hero no matter what, maybe. But I wouldn’t do it.

That is a very subjective list. Not a general “what to do” list.
For me personally, the cost is to high for pretty much all heroes in the list.


Good initiative.

Now feel, why did I feed away some of those S1 fellows to create roster space… :rofl:

Those exchange numbers are too high and feel should be reduced… for each group…


It’s a start. A quite awful start, but still better than what we have now.
In T1 the one and ony worth the cost is the Sacred Reptile :lizard: funniest hero in the game. All hail Sacred Repltile :lizard:! Others are a big nope to me.
In T2 maybe JF could be an option, I don’t see the point in aiming for ursena when she could be featured in atlantis with costume.
T3 is the most interesting, but it’s a lot expensive. Also, if this will come live tomorrow, I don’t know if I’d pick GM/skadi or wait for different heroes in the next iteration.

There’s some kind of related quest? or it’s just a portal like the Black Friday one?
Also, do we know if this will be a monthly event?

Finally, I suggest to all the “veterans” like me to run TC20 again, now it makes sense.


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