🧪 Early Information on Secret Heroes and Secret Summon [Part of The Beta Beat v66]

From the latest Sneak Peek:

So, as they are clearly right now “inventing more new, innovative events and features”, can we assume that the “Dragons and beta features” are indeed already across the finish line and will be arriving imminently ?

Nah, it’s just more heroes, it has its own development track separate from the rest :rofl: (totally my personal assumption)

Would you not class the Insanity Status Effect as a “new feature” ? :thinking:

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Just a new collectible card tidbit. Not something you can play with unless you’re lucky to pull the card or spending adequately.
To me, features are stuff anyone can play with regardless of their deck (the lower decks cannot necessarily reach the finish line but everyone can at least enter): new buildings, new events, new quests, new map seasons, new raid features…


First Mindless, then Insanity, then Madness, and then it will be SPARTA!!*

* - sadly I still lack any of Leonidas’ costumes.


Not long now it’ll be secret troops with a new bonus - Drunkness. Comes with a 200% increase to attack but has a 50% chance of randomly damaging a different hero than your tiles hit including a chance of hitting your own side.

Heroes using the troops in more than 3 raids in a 24 hour period will the next day be hungover and cannot be used for that day.


When are these heroes expected to drop ? Should i keep my EHT at the springvale?

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This game is getting Insanity… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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I’d guess at some point on or shortly after the 8th April when the update is forced. I see no points for them to hold onto the secret summon.


From context I guess this means existing, not exciting? Or does it literally mean exiting as in portal on its way out?

Does that include Seasonal summon? In that case I definitely wait with my EHTs for next update…

Really? Never gonna happen, unless it includes Super Elemental.

duh! What´s the logic? The two newbie trap portals and the goblins??? The first 2 are meant to be fooling a few more people into wasting their pulls on completely idiotic portals?
And the third means no more new goblins and trying to keep the summons up anyway, while using new heroes for Astral elves portal? Guess it also means it´s not going to happen during this goblin portal, where we do have a new hero.

One of the greatest problems with this new type of effects, as I see, is that cleansers are losing their value, because we’ll have a whole new set of these effects that won’t be affected. Of course, this will be addressed with a new generation of cleansers that will work with these ones, and so old heroes will be older than now.

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Based off this silhouette, they’re going to end up looking like some sort of Eldritch Horror, just looking at them will probably give you insanity


Can someone in beta PRETTY PLEASE tell me how this specifically works?

For example…is the % chance the same value as the current insanity? Like if my caster has 40 insanity then there is a 40% chance of it reversing? Then if you later have 65 insanity…the chance will also increase to 65%?

Or is it just a staric % chance if you have any insanity at all? ie: its all the same untill you get to 100 insanity…

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The insanity number = % chance to activate.


100 insanitiy = 100% chance to reverse the Special Skill?

So after the secret hero revives everyone at 60 insanity and puts 55 insanity itself, your team is more likely to backfire. That makes a little more sense, just a little.

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Yes, correct that will happen.
Reaching 100% Instanity is automatically triggering the special skill regardless how much mana does your hero have when the mana is full.

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I feel like insanity should decrease passively each turn on top of being decreased by healing.

The new “Wither/Growth” mechanic is about to drop!

wow so reaching 100 insanity means your special is triggered for sure (no matter how much mana do you have) and also reaching 100 insanity means your special will be reversed for sure.

That’s some serious business.

Sorry @Moncho I remembered incorrectly.

It only triggered if the mana is fulll os just like “Mindless attack”