🧪 Early Information on Season 5 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V47,49]

Yeah, SG just blew that one hard :smiley:

It’s still better value that that Whirlpool gem offer.

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Haha!!! Holy shxt!!! What is that, a down payment for a 5 bedroom house in the suburbs? Geez…5 new 5* and 2 already maxed and emblemed. Should drop another half tank of gas worth to get them limit broken.

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no s5 gems missions? lol

You have to finish province 1 and unlock the amulets.
First mission is playing 65 maps with the ankh amulet for 5 gems :rofl:


I’m really liking S5 and enjoying the Egyptian theme.

Thanks SG!

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Not sure if this was mentioned before, but it seems to me a very bad design to have a stage property giving minus defense to enemies but then make those same enemies immune to any ailment affecting defense. I understand why they would make them immune but then SG should have designed a different property instead…

Do we get a new amulet + amulet slot after we finish the second province?

Edit: seems like the third amulet can be found after completing province 4. Now I only need to find out when we’re unlocking the second slot. :sweat_smile:


Edit 2: I found the second slot too :sweat_smile:


Beta Update:

Mana curse effect is renamed to Cursed Tombs, and it is adjusted a bit.

Two new stage effects are arrived to Beta.

I have added all to the OP.

All are also added to the released provincies topic too:


In the future I will just adjust this second location.

Couple things…

Order of the Pharoah. Province 13’s special effect. Says “All heros must take damage every five turns”. Or what? Doesn’t mention the penalty.

Second, and less important. The backgound in Province 13’s combats are in the tombs, but the dialog says we’re out of them. Should be a different background.

Anyone know what’s happened to Papy’s head on Province 15/10?

Playing on IPad

already reported there:

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That’s great thanks :+1:

You can continue discuss Season 5 here: