🧪 Early Information on Season 5 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V47,49]

I first thought it would just negate the troop.

But Ferg brought more facts to light


Cool, enemies who don’t take defense down nor any tile damage. I can’t wait having to clear my entire weekly schedule just to complete a stage. It sounds like so much fun!


i don’t necessarily disagree about making wording more clear, but “tile” is a community term, the same way we call Power Shards “diamonds.” “troop damage” made sense to me because the “shields” (the official term for what we call tiles) turn into troops when matches are made, so all troop (tile) damage is reduced 100%.

basically, all troops become Common Villagers, except for their stat bonuses haha.

can’t wait to try to create autofarming teams for some of these stages :joy:

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Interesting - heroes with special skills focused on mana weren’t much use for the map before, this will give them more utility. Agree with concerns about slowing down gameplay though.

It looks like Staff enabled us the first 9 provicies for testing.
I have adjusted the OP with the infomation about them, and the modified stage effects.
I have also addes some new enemy passives what I have seen.

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The start date is now official:


Lovely :upside_down_face: Another… 36 province season… filled with 640 stages… and a storyline that won’t justify it, and the added bonus that the stages will take forever because I have to deal with elite enemies every stage.

At this point, Normal stage should give 5 coins and Hard stage give 10 because no. I don’t feel like repeating the same issues S4 had except made worse. (I’ll even settle with 5 on Normal / 7 on Hard)

Well, it’s different things to make us think when composing our teams and attacking, which I think is good. But will have to see how things work in reality before passing judgement. If it turns into a complete grind like some of their recent events, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

Do you mean 36 * 10 * 2 = 720 ? :confounded:
The passives will make the battles harder.
But now at least in the new Beta only every second stage has got a stage effect.


Oh yeah, I figured my math would be off. Was doing it quick in my head. But yeah, the little cutscenes in S4 kinda started showing that they probably shouldn’t be repeatingly doing 36 provinces. At least go back to 27 like with S2. Or 30.

Good to know about the every other stage thing.

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It’s always going to be 36 provinces since it’s 3 per month and seasons release over one year.

hmmm I guess completionists will be forced to use all the amulets eventually, instead of just sticking to favorites! not sure how I feel about that!

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Yes. 5 gems! What a bonus!


something is better than nothing, so lets stay positive!!!

5 gems is just ridiculous… Other games give 100 - 500 gems, some even more, for completing longer missions. Even super-easy daily missions are “worth” 20-50 gems in various non-SGG games.

I don’t expect 500, but completing such a mission should at least give a noticeable bonus. 5 gems is not even 2 % of a single summon. Fast-forwarding one of the chests for 3 hours already eats up the whole five gems…


Exactly! Clearing a daily mission in one of my other games gets me minimum 10-15 gems. Depending on the difficulty level chosen.

This game is definitely the stingiest when it comes to in game rewards, besides PC of course. Oh wait … it’s the same developer.


Is there already any information about how the gem promotions will be? Day 1 will sell a promo with 3000 gems? Or promo with 400 gems and season coins? Or some other promo other than seasons 2, 3, 4? Thanks!

I am just linking to my answer in the other topic:

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I predict one offer :slight_smile:

4$ for 800 gems

atlantis 1$ = 200 gems
Valhalla 2$= 400 gems
Underwild 3$= 600 gems
Dunes ?

Theres a reason why im OMNI :slight_smile:

It’s $3 for 600 gems for S5. Lol