🧪 Early Information on Season 4 Underwild Summon Portal [Part of The Beta Beat V36]

The op just has a list of all the heros. Im totally missing it man. Sorry. I can never find stuff in the ep forums



I was assuming those were all the s4 heros for the entire season? Guess there will be more. Thats good i spose

If it releases over a year like S3, then I’d expect at least 12 more 5*.

If there’s one of this initial group someone wants the odds go down each month to get a specific hero so summon early

If you do a 30-pull, do you get 3 ascension chests?

Yes, it is working the same as other portals (Atlantis, Costume etc…) so a chest can be opened after every 10 pulls (Maximum 9 chests / a single event)



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Really now your chances at the ascension mats available in bonus chests are capped!

No bonus ascension chest for your 91-100 summons in an event! Admittedly few of us will be impacted.

Is this an honest attempt by SG to moderate excessive spending in the app? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This has literally always been the case. So no, nothing new.

You can go and check all the other portals when they come and it says in the tool tip for it: “Available: 9” at the start.


Elizabeth and Morris is missing from this list.
Helo is on the list with the old name: Blewit


@PlayForFun I thought Elizabeth came in after the portal showed up so she wasn’t in it initially? Is she showing up now? I really hope she’s in portal this month, she’s one of my favorites!

She is available in the portal in Beta at the moment.

Actually she, Dr Monroe and Phileas Fogg are featured, but it is unsure that they will be featured in the live game this month or others.

Only those 3 heroes are missing from the portal, which are mentioned by @Guvnor in the OP.

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I really hope Elizabeth, Dr Monroe, and Phileas Fogg are featured since they are the heroes I want most!

I’m glad Elizabeth is in it, I thought she wouldn’t be since she wasn’t in the initial launch of 5* heroes and some of those heroes were excluded (like Captain Nemo and Aouda) so I assumed any heroes after the first set of 5* weren’t be in it but I guess it’s just those 3 mentioned in OP

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Hello Guvnor :wave:
Can we test any of the HEROS in Beta?
At any time? Particular times?
For any/ all heros in Beta?

If so, how would we do so?

Thank you for the continued updates on these interesting HEROS. Are there links to VIEWS on any of the HEROS listed?

Thanks again! :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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Beta is currently closed. Whenever it opens it is to test {x} specific heroes; other heroes are not tested nescessarily (unless they are owned already by a beta tester).

There are other threads which explain how Beta Testing works etc… I’ve written some long posts on the subject previously also. {example here: [SOLVED] Ninja Troop in Live Game...? - #35 by Guvnor}

There is a Link in the OP to a #beta-beat thread specifically for the S4 heroes.


Thank you. I will read your earlier posts you shared here.



Hi @RGYNthePHOENIX :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless I missed it in an earlier thread, you also have to be a beta tester


G’day @Kerrang :sunny:


Your shared insights definitely helps to clear things up for me and I am sure other forum members. I did wonder if there were SPECIFICS to Who completes the Beta testing. I would certainly enjoy that opportunity!

Much respect unto you @Kerrang


Thank you again. :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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This stuff is now live. See below for the FAQ/ Links thread for Season 4:

🕵 Season 4 (Voyagers of the Underwild) – FAQ & Links


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