🧪 Early Information on Season 3 Provinces & Gameplay [Part of The Beta Beat V27]

Any estimate time when start s3 ???

As Atlantis Rises has been moved, it’s not unlikely that S3 will start in late February and S3 portal will from now on be available (more or less) the same time Atlantis Rises used to be until January.

If they didn’t plan to release S3 this month, they wouldn’t have had such a hurry moving AR without any notification before, I suppose.


I am really looking forward for S3, but I am not happy to release it so soon. For me it is ok if we enjoy S3 in March.

The belief is either end of February or March. Unlikely it would be later.

Likely it will be a staged roll out like Atlantis was (a couple provinces a month, new heroes each month).


I’m really looking forward to S3, I expect the pull rates and charge for gems to be equivalent to S2.

Or will it be S1<S2<S3 so 400 gems apiece?

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Is there an overlap you see? What concern do you see with a February release?

This has changed in the latest Beta, and there’s now an indicator for progress on Season 3, for both Normal and Hard — but it just shows the highest Stage completed of each, not a counter.

So there’s no way to make use of it for this:

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Hi @zephyr1, I know the Valhalla summon is not supposed to be Final, but when are you planning on posting up the details of the portal? What heros includes and %'s would be greatly appreciated (to plan summons, which is relevant for us C2P)
Thanks, ierazo

The earlier of:

  • The Portal being in any way updated in Beta (as indication they’ve worked on it intentionally, unlike now)

  • Wednesday


Thanks for the fast answer!

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Do we think this is the last beta test before the reveal of the real thing? How close are we here? I’ve pulled my hair out waiting, working on my beard hair now! lol

Umm, maybe pull slowly, before you run out of that too? :grimacing:

My guess is that Version 27 is still on track for later this month — so I think we’ll see Season 3 launch no later than the end of March, barring something causing a delay.

I think there’s some chance it could launch by the end of February, but that may be too optimistic for your beard. :bearded_person:


I feel like it will be the end of March. End of February is really close…

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I have a LONG beard, so should last me!

Who’s your favorite S3 hero so far zephyr1?

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Here ya go Handy Cash!!!

but you’re pulling it out so it shouldn’t matter how long it is right? o_o just how dense it is? But you always have arm hair and leg hair and… probably inappropriate for this forum. As a last resort.

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I know it’s unlikely but… maybe season 2 summon costs will drop to 300 and season 3 will then be 350???

I’d say:

  • Favorite artwork: Norns (followed closely by Mist)

  • Seems most practical for me to get and level: Brynhild (also followed closely by Mist)

  • Most anticipating getting and leveling right away: Nordri

  • Would most transform my Roster (but almost zero chance of getting): Heimdall

Dude. Do you have any idea how painful it is to pull that?!?

And what’s wrong with saying nose hair?

On topic - I’m still betting end of March, to coincide with end of PoV. Let’s just hope they don’t then delay new areas opening to coincide with other paths!

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